Direct Response or Branding?

Ryan Healy recently talked about Direct Response Branding over on his blog…

I agree with him wholeheartily.  In fact, I discussed this Direct Response Branding several years ago.  This simply means you focus first on a direct response.  Your sales letter has one primary purpose.  It might be to get someone to subscribe.  It might be to make a sale.  Get them to do something!

That’s your primary goal.  Your secondary goal is to brand your company in people’s minds.  You do this by making your unique selling position very clear and memorable (one sentence or less).  You publish articles, blog entries, etc. so people continually see your name (and your unique benefits).

If you’re a diehard direct response marketer, think of it this way.  You’re making the sale today, and you’re also setting up another sale for tomorrow.  If you’re a diehard branding believer, how would you ever know someone is paying attention to your brand if they’re not buying today.  The only way to know if anyone is paying attention to your branding efforts is through the results you track today.

Both sides have value.  Some business people think only direct response and they forget the branding side of the business.  Don’t ever forget that people buy from those they know, like, and trust.  As you brand yourself in the marketplace, they get to know you for all your future offers.

I’ve received numerous emails of people saying they purchased from me because of my name and reputation.  A lady emailed me the first time it happened.  She told me she didn’t want to buy my product.  My letter hadn’t convinced her.  She was only buying because she saw my face everywhere she went online.  That’s branding…on a very low cost direct response budget.

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