Do They Love You Or Hate You?

Face it. Not everyone is going to love you. It doesn’t matter how good your customer service is, or how much you care about your customers. Some people are still going to hate it if you take a strong stand for anything.

In fact, it seems like some people on the Internet are just naturally angry.

I remember one person on my list. Every time I published any email, he would send back nasty comments about why he hated what I said…and just how much I sucked (along with quite a few other choice phrases I won’t mention here).

One day I simply removed him from the list and blocked him out from the list. Guess what? He sent a message wondering why he wasn’t receiving my emails anymore! All he had done up till that point was complain about each and every one. Yet, he wanted his opportunity to complain!

I don’t know if you have a personal hater on your list, but you will have people who rant and rave about what you say.

When you have a successful business online, some people are going to hate you.

You have to learn to live with it. If you let them get to you, they’re going to drag you down to their level.

Just keep going. Just keep publishing. Just keep being who you are.

And this is what it really comes down to. So many people are dissatisfied with their own life and who they are, they feel it’s their job to attack everyone else to try to get them to feel as bad as they do inside.

Here’s a simple rule…

People should love you or hate you. Don’t let them ignore you.

If you’re simply parroting other people or you’re avoiding confrontation, you’re easy to ignore. Of course you’re not getting the hate mails.

On the other hand, you’re not making money either (at least not what you could be making).

Make some waves. Take a bold stand on a controversial subject.

Want to know one of my emails that got the most complaints ever (over 50 hate filled emails – not just removes)? It was simply an email how you couldn’t just hand someone $1,000 or $2,000 and you’ll instantly have a business without work. Obviously a whole bunch of people (at least 50) had done that recently and felt the need to defend their wrong decision. A business takes work plain and simple. A strong stance on an obvious subject like that can even bring the hate.

What strong stances are you taking?
What bold statements are you making?

Look for common ideas and misconceptions in your market. Then slap them!

Find common myths to confront.

For example, since many were pitching a business with absolutely no work, I stood against it. Our goal is to produce a business where we Earn More While Working Less, but it will take you additional work in the short term to produce the systems to allow you to work less in the long-term.

Make a list of common myths and misconceptions in your market. Then begin confronting these boldly!

Be unique. Be a voice instead of just an echo.

Think about anyone who is successful. Controversy surrounds them. Sometimes it’s in a good way and others it’s in a bad way. Either way, it’s still a part of their life.

Some love them. Some hate them. It’s when the majority are simply ignoring you that you’re missing something.

How many people love you?
How many people hate you?
How many people are just ignoring you?

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