Do You LOVE Your Business and Life?

I did a recent teleconference call with some of my coaching clients about creating a life you love.

It’s something a lot of us don’t think about very often. We talk about having a job, creating a business, or having a career. In most cases we’re simply thinking about it from the standpoint of earning a lot of income. And while earning money is very nice (just as being broke is not all that enjoyable), the question I’m going to present to you is whether you really love your business and life.

And if you don’t, why don’t you? The problem with most of us is we allow ourselves to simply put up with way too much because of fear. We stay stuck in a dead end job because we’re afraid of taking the next step. We’re afraid of starting our own business because we might fail. We’re afraid of hiring another employee to take some of the workload off of us, because what if we can’t afford to pay their salary?

That fear of stepping out is stronger than the pain we feel of our current situation. This factor is what holds people down year after year.

How does this apply to business owners who’ve already stepped out into the unknown of their own business? It applies to us because we often end up creating a life we hate because we try to do all the work of our business. Instead of delegating the work and creating a real business, we simply create another job for ourselves.

The problem for the majority of us is that we get pulled down by allowing ourselves to spend too much time working on things we’re poor at or shouldn’t be doing anyway. Items which aren’t part of your skill set should be immediately delegated to others or outsourced to freelancers. Eventually a “real business” outsources all the work. If it’s about you doing the work, you don’t have a business. You have a job.

What are your gifts? One of the easiest ways to find it is simply by asking the people who know you best…your friends and family. Ask them what seems to come naturally for you. When you’re gifted at something, you can almost do it without even trying.

And the best part is whatever you’re gifted at usually connects directly to things you’re passionate about and that you love. So the real key to creating a life you love is by finding your gifting and concentrating your time and energy in that direction…continually finding additional ways to delegate other parts of your life to give yourself to using your gifts to create value for others.

I’ll definitely be talking more about this in the future, but hopefully I’ve given you something to think about right now.

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