Does Customer Service Matter?

Does customer service matter in your business?

It seems this is something we don’t talk that much about. With all the automation in business, has customer service become a dying element?

I can tell you that I remember very well when a company has customer service that “Wows” you.

For example, when I purchased an XPS laptop from Dell, there was a problem…and they did everything in their power to make it right fast. They were obviously using an outside call center for their customer service, but they were empowered to fix the issues. They offered to replace it immediately (sending a new laptop before receiving this one back). They offered extra gifts. They did everything right.

This has stuck in my memory ever since and caused me to buy from Dell even though I hate all the extra software they add onto their computers.

I don’t know if there customer service is always this top notch, but it was in my case…and I remember it very well.

In comparison, I had a poor experience with the Chrysler company. I purchased a Jeep liberty from them about 6 years ago (give or take a year). When I purchased I agreed with the sales person that they would add a CD changer. We wrote it down on the contract and I took possession of the vehicle to bring it back later for the CD changer addition.

The sales manager was a total jerk when I came back and tried to substitute a regular CD player instead. In fact, he became so hostile that he began cursing at me even in front of the other customers there.

I definitely remember this experience with them…and completely ignore everything Chrysler offers. Even though it’s possible he is the only major jerk who works for them, it’s still part of the “buying experience” I remember for them. I think I’d only consider another vehicle from them if every other automobile company quit selling cars.

So from customer experience, customer service definitely seems to matter.

One of the customer service elements that has helped the most in my business is having a customer ticket system. Email support can be unreliable and emails do get lost. Phone support for low cost items isn’t cost efficient (it is effective for higher ticket items though). You can see our ticket system at and that is the best way to contact us with any problem you may have with a product or service.

Here are a couple of free ticket systems that are very well designed:

Maian Support


Note: As a sidenote, you may find it interesting to know that our business line is actually a Incoming phone number so we can have it handled from anywhere in the world.

What is your opinion on this issue?

What companies have given you a “WOW” experience with their customer service?
Have you ever received such a negative experience that you wouldn’t do business with them again (it would be best if you don’t list a company name for this one)?

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