Emotional Marketing

Soon I’ll be releasing a product I did with Glenn Livingston, Sharon Livingston, Fred Gleeck, and Mr. D.

Mr.D. is being called this because he doesn’t want me to reveal his name except to product buyers. He doesn’t sell “make money online” type of products and he doesn’t want any “extra” competition or to be anyone’s guru (although he does have 11,000+ testimonials in one of his markets).

Today I want to share an audio clip with you from this upcoming product. On this one Dr. Sharon Livingston is sharing about true emotional marketing and how it differs from the hyped up marketing you often see online.

Whenever you talk to people about emotional marketing online, they almost always think about selling with hype and attitude. The phrase may have conjured up images of exaggerated claims…promising how you can get everything you ever dreamed about with the push of a button.

The “emotional marketing” you’ve seen up till now has been about selling to people’s heads instead of revealing what’s in the depths of their hearts. The end goal of your product and your marketing is to truly help your customer feel good about themselves…and their purchase with your company.

It isn’t about dancing bears or exaggerated claims. No one feels good at the end of those transactions. True emotional marketing is a process that flows through your research, your product creation, and your marketing. It’s about bringing a sense of fulfillment to your customers.

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On this free audio clip, Sharon shares how to dig for the real emotional benefits, a link for where you can print out the 37 emotional end benefits, and tells you the “key word” word you’re watching for.

Wait till you listen to the rest of the audio…and everything else we discussed over the weekend.

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