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Sometimes I have to share a few posts from others with you. Whenever I do so, I try to pick the absolute best ones…the ones which add value to your life and your business.

Below are 5 articles I feel do this. I’ll include a little more information and my view on each of the article included.

Complete Ping List For Blogs

Greg Nemer did some serious research to find a large ping list you can copy and paste in to WordPress. The ping list is simply a list of places your blog will notify whenever you post a new article. I have asked him a questino about the article and he assured me he did some very serious research and testing to make sure to give you the best list possible.

In addition he shows you how to copy and paste this new ping list into your WordPress setup. And he recommends a plug-in as well to make sure your blog doesn’t send out a ping when you simply update an article. Most complete post I’ve seen on the subject.

69 Ways to Build Backlinks

The Kidblogger is now at the ripe old age of 16. He put together an impressive list of 69 ways to build backlinks to your site. As we all know, a key element of ranking well on the search engines is the quality and quantity of your incoming links.

He covers the normal linkbait concepts and Web 2.0 lists. But he also adds quite a number of unique ideas to help you produce more links to your sites. Very good post to print out and use.

60 Minute Naked Truth Salesletter Formula

Michel Fortin posted this 10 part 60 minute fast copywriting formula from Dean Jackson. It’s very easy to “struggle” over your sales copy and take what seems like forever to write it. This down and dirty quick writing formula can help you get the rough draft written.

Then you simply go back to the rough draft to edit and improve on it. Editing copy is SO MUCH EASIER than writing it from the beginning.

Debt is Slavery

I know what it is like to be in debt. When I first started my internet business in 1996 I was up to my eyeballs in debt. I had creditors calling all the time. They suggested you borrow from someone else to pay them. They threatened. They even called my family members to tell them how in debt I was (which is illegal by the way). It was a nightmare. So I KNOW “Debt is slavery.”

This post is actually a book review, but it contains 10 important principles about money. One of the core ones I believe fully is, “Money Buys Freedom.” With money you have options and can live the Internet Lifestyle we talk about so much here.

The 5 Things People Really Buy

You know you’ve found a good explanation on a subject once you say, “Is it really that simple?” You will look at this post and think that very question. He shares 5 reasons people buy…which cover the majority of purchases anyone will ever make from you online.

It’s easy to write articles that are overcomplicated. Finally, someone makes this subject very simple.

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