Failure to Success in 4 Easy Steps

I’m here at Michael Penlands Internet Marketing and Joint Venture Superconference. I realized something just chatting with some of the other speakers and attendees.

The biggest reason people don’t succeed online is because they overcomplicate the process. You hear all these different systems…and all the different strategies the “experts” teach you. So many beginners simply go into a catatonic state where they don’t do anything. They want to read one more book, attend one more event, or sign up for one more coaching program. They’re always afraid to just get started and TRY something.

It’s almost as if they feel it will be a catastrophic failure if something doesn’t work right. If you’re that afraid of failure that one mistake will destroy you, then you’re simply not cut out for the business world.

I’ve never done anything perfect. That product wasn’t perfect. That sales letter wasn’t perfect. And everyone who’s ever seen me speak at a meeting knows I’m not a perfect speaker!

What have I done? I tried. I made mistakes. I learned. I succeeded.

Doing business online is simple. You don’t have to overcomplicate it.

Step One: Find a Hungry Market Looking For a Solution

Always start with the audience first…then do the product. I’ve screwed this up at times. I make sure I know exactly where to market my product before I get started. This means you know where to find discussion boards, some of the market keywords, and a couple of sites you can JV with. It doesn’t mean you know all about it.

Step Two: Create a Product For Them Quickly

Create your products quicky. If you can’t get your product finished fast, such as 7 days or less, it’s too long and you’ll lose motivation. And yes, I still screw up at times on this (one project I’ve taken way too long to create…and it’s a mistake). Get it done quickly. I even have an mp3 audio presentation that discusses exactly how to create your first product and start selling it online without a website in 2 hours or less. You can currently get this mp3 recording as a free bonus with my paid monthly newsletter at

Step Three: Test Your Offer

Get your product done quickly…then test it either for Free or very low cost. Make a small budget and test a Google Adwords campaign. List it in the Amazon Advantage program. Sell it on eBay. Get started selling it and making sure people respond to the offer. If it’s your first product, no one wants to be your test subject. They don’t want to mail your untested offer to their big list. So get started low cost, because not everything works out perfectly on the first try.

Step Four: Roll-out Your Marketing With Increased Advertising and JVs.

Once you’ve tested the offer, expand on your advertising. Find joint venture partners to promote it for you for a share of the profits. Sure, you may have to give them more than half the money, but so what? You’re making money you didn’t have and you’re building a list. Don’t overcomplicate it. Create something. Test it. Roll it out. If the test didn’t go well, repeat step three and test it differently.

Just get started today…get it done. If you’re not willing to fail, you’re not willing to try.

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