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A couple days ago I posted a message introducing you to Steve Little and his Entrepreneurial Strengths Survey.

Did you take it?

(If not, you’ve got to check it out – plus it’s free)

Wasn’t it impressive how accurate the results were?

When I took the survey, it revealed strengths that took me 5+ years to learn in my online business. If only I had something like this available to me when I started!

For example, you’ve probably heard about how being an extrovert is required for being an entrepreneur. I’m most definitely NOT one! I’m an introvert and proud of it.

Trying to FORCE myself to become an extrovert like some people suggest was frustrating me to no end. Hearing all the advantages extroverts have was always painful also. Instead I’ve learned to focus on the advantages introverts have.

I apply good listening skills to coach clients. Instead of working in large groups, I prefer private clients or small groups. I also enjoy working alone in my office on writing, creating videos, etc.

It took me years to realize my personality had advantages to take advantage of and let shine.

In Steve’s Survey, he goes into 6 core entrepreneurial compentencies. The extrovert/introvert is simply the first one. You may be surprised like I was when I first took the test.

I scored totally opposite of what most people consider to be an “entrepreneurial skillset” in several areas. Yet each of these areas has presented very specific advantages I’ve learned to use over the years.

Let his survey help you find and apply your strengths instead of taking as long as I did.

Click here now…

I have a copy of my full report printed out on my desk. I’d be interested in seeing your results also (and how you feel your entrepreneur personality affects your business). Feel free to share your results here.

I also want you to know that this survey is not even the half of what Steve has to offer you.

He is a 40 year veteran entrepreneur and he has made it his mission to help as many people as possible become successful entrepreneurs by finding and creating their perfect business.

Take a couple minutes right now and take the survey.

Once you complete it, Steve will send you your customized 24 page report detailing all of your strengths and weaknesses (also free)

He will then continue to teach you valuable lessons in being a successful entrepreneur like:

– The difference between being an entrepreneur vs. proprietor

– How to find out if you are a Lifestyle Guru or a Growth Maven

– The 11 Golden Rules to running a successful business

– How to master what he calls “The Value Principle”

– How to discover your Entrepreneurial DNA┬«

– Plus much much more.

You’ve got to check it out – It can change your life!

Be sure to let me know what you think.

Note: The above links are affiliate links to his free survey. After you take the survey you will also be offered his ebook and membership site (but no purchase is required to receive full survey results).

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