Fonzie and the Email Maniac

Ben Settle is an email writing maniac. It’s insane how he writes attention grabbing emails almost every day.

If you’re not subscribed to his list, you should be. Go over to his main blog site and you can see many copies of his emails. You can also subscribe to his list on the right side of the page.

No. That is not an affiliate link…just a link over to him because I feel you’ll get a ton of value just reading through the emails he has written (the link below is the one that was on the email I copied – not an affiliate link either).

I received permission from Ben to include a copy of one of his emails to comment on here (you can see many more on his blog page above as he appears to simply post his full emails as those blog posts also). This is simply a good representation of what I see coming into my inbox daily from him.

Subject: Fonzie Rumbles With The Gurus
From: Ben Settle


Holy Shnike!

Yesterday’s bit about money-flashing goo-roos touched a nerve.

It also prompted the following question, too:

“Ben, how can you tell if someone’s legit besides the publicly
counting money thing? I have started noticing that sometimes the
better the marketing is the worst the product is. Any other tips?”

Well, I have a theory about this.

It’s a bit on the weird side (actually, more like the “retro” side).

But I have found it to be true 9 out of 10 times.


OK, well, it’s kinda like Fonzie from “Happy Days.”

The Fonz didn’t have to go around telling people he was cool. He
didn’t have to pick fights with people to show he was a tough guy.
And he didn’t have to brag about being with a million chicks
because, frankly, he always walked into Arnold’s with a hotty in
each arm.

In other words, he didn’t have to SAY he was cool.

People just KNEW it.

Just like everyone knew Potsy was a dork.

Or that Ralph Mouth was a jackass.

Or that Richie Cunningham was a square.

And whether it was because of his reputation, his actions or the
“air” about him — when people said Fonzie was cool, there was no

Same goes with the goo-roos today.

The good ones don’t have to tell you how cool they are.

You just KNOW it.

Because if there’s any doubt their products will do what they
claim, they won’t just tell you how wonderful their stuff is…
they’ll PROVE it to you.

And not by flapping their gums, either.

But by demonstrating it to you via their knowledge, reputation, the
company they keep and, yes, a solid sales pitch that’s not packed
full of fluff, lies or exclamation marks.

Anyway, my point is, all you gotta do is observe.

It’s the best way to tell between the Fonzies and the wannabes.

Ben Settle

P.S. Want to be “cool” with your sales and marketing? Then do what
the Fonz would do — grab your black leather jacket, hop on your
Harley, and speed on over to:

First of all, notice his subject line isn’t “normal.” And it’s tough to ignore. There is no benefit except a slight implied one on the “Rumbles with the Gurus.” Notice that the subject line wouldn’t have been as strong if it was just Fonzie because then it wouldn’t hook to our subject.

The main goal you can see him hitting here is CURIOSITY. What in the world is Ben going to say this time?

The goal of the subject line is simply to get people to open the email. That is all it has to do. It doesn’t have to make any sale other than to open the email. How can I ignore this “weirdness.” I’d be curious about it for hours afterwards.

From line is Ben Settle. It’s not a company. It’s a person – Ben – emailing you personally.

Notice how Ben creates new spellings for his words: “goo-roos.” He is working on an emotional feeling to the word and separating himself from 99% of the emails you’ll get today. You can tell Ben is different from the norm. He stands out.

Also take a look at the normal length of Ben’s paragraphs. Very short paragraphs…very quick moving sentences.

Pay attention to this paragraph:
“But by demonstrating it to you via their knowledge, reputation, the
company they keep and, yes, a solid sales pitch that’s not packed
full of fluff, lies or exclamation marks.”

He tells you that all the untrustworthy gurus pack their salescopy with fluff, lies, and exclamation marks. This is providing him with MUCH MORE credibility. Obviously, even though he never comes out an says it, he is one of those who demonstrate knowledge, reputation, and the company he keeps. In fact, it’s better because he doesn’t say it. He demonstrates it instead.

Have you noticed how it is all done in a story type format as well?

You’ll find that as a quality in most of the top performing emails from any expert you’re following.

I don’t know how well this specific email has pulled from Ben, but it is a good overall example of his style in my opinion. The biggest issues if you’re starting off with email writing to take away are:

1. The personal feel and style to it.
2. The emphasis on curiosity and getting you to open the email in a crowded email box.
3. His story and how he leads it into clicking his link at the end.

What else can you pull out of his email?

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