Gone Hiking


I love running an internet business because of the lifestyle and freedom.

My normal work schedule is Monday through Thursday. Sometimes I’ll check email or finish a project Friday morning, but Fridays are normally part of my long weekends.

This week I’ve left for the north Georgia mountains (today through Wednesday). We rented a cabin out by the hiking trails. We’ll spend some time hiking, mountain biking, and relaxing out in nature.

When was the last time you took a vacation from your business?

I’ve always noticed that right after vacation periods is when I have the best production. Problems that were nagging me get solved. New ideas flow like water. It’s easy to stay focused on the most important projects.

Here are few questions to ask yourself to see if you might need to take some time off.

– Do you find your enthusiasm for business has waned?

– Is it hard to stay focused on your projects?

– Are there several problems nagging you that you can’t seem to solve?

– Do you have trouble disconnecting from work during your free time?

– Do you seem to be less productive during your work periods?

While it seems counter intuitive, often the best way to push your business forward is by stepping out of it for a while. You’ll refresh and renew. Ideas come. You’ll come back intent on solving the problems that have been holding you back for a while.

Even when you have team members who “do” the business while you work on the business, you have to take a break from that as well.

Have you ever experienced trying to solve a difficult problem. You work on it all day. You brainstorm. You research. Then the next morning the idea just comes to you almost effortlessly. You wake up knowing what to do. Your subconscious mind used the work you put in to solve the problem.

Vacations can produce the same effect as long as you don’t sit there thinking about your business. The rule I give myself is no direct thinking about the business. If I come up with an idea, I’ll write it down in a notebook. Then leave it. Don’t sit around thinking about it.

When you come back, you’ll have a notebook full of profitable ideas to put in place.

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