How to Choose A Profitable Market

One of my coaching clients has entered and profited from 17 radically different markets successfully in the past 2 years.

Yes, that’s right. I said 17 different markets. Not just 17 different products….17 different audiences. This means his lists do not crossover in these markets.

He quietly enters a market…peeks inside the heads of customers and competitors…and builds an irresistible marketing machine.

And he does it over and over again in different markets.

I got him to do a 65 minute interview with me where he shared his system of finding profitable markets, examining from the inside out, and then making sure he was going to be successful before he ever entered the market.

We even get down to the nitty gritty where we discuss some ways to estimate just how profitable a market will be…and we compare the difference between niche markets and general interest markets. How to find the right one for you (hint: some of his businesses are actually of each type).

Find out more here:

The price is only $7. I know this is ridiculously low…and you may be wondering just how valuable it is when I’m sharing it for this price.

It’s simple really. If I can help you find a profitable market for your business…you’re going to have more money to buy my other products and services such as my Email Mastery, Blogging for Fun and Profit, and Internet Mastery courses. You’ll also have the right focus when you join one of my coaching programs.

Once you see just how much you can learn from this simple low cost product, you’ll be first in line for all my other offers. I’m building a list of buyers…instead of just a list of subscribers.

This is not a 24 hour or 48 hour special. I haven’t decided how long I will personally offer this report. I might leave it up forever based on test results.

So why should you jump on it now? There are two reasons. The first is there is a 100% commission affiliate program on it for the moment (not promising if I will leave it this high). Only buyers can participate in the program. You can promote the product to your list for as long as I have it available from my site and you keep all the money.

There are also reprint rights to the report being offered for a limited time at the current price of only $35 (again only offered to buyers).

The 2nd reason why you should take advantage of this now is because of how much it will save you by helping you choose the right market. If you’ve ever chosen a wrong market (sometimes referred to as a niche), you know just how costly of a mistake that is. Save yourself the time…the frustration…and the expense by knowing exactly what to look for…and how to compare different markets.

The price is only $7.

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