How to Publish a Book

Would you like to publish your own print book? If so, here’s a quick rundown of how I did it personally….including the tools I used.

I have two books currently in print…both using the exact same system.

Internet IntegrityBook one is “Internet Integrity: The Truth About How ANY Business Can Increase Profits Online.”

This covers the step-by-step system I used to build my online business including the 10 deadly online marketing mistakes, my 15 step copywriting system, and the exact email strategy I used to produce $96,250 in email sales in 72 hours.

It also has two special chapters. The first covers how any local business can use the Internet to increase their profits. The second one tells you how to get started today even if you don’t have any products or services to sell. Check out its reviews and order on Amazon….

Financial FreedomBook two is “Financial Freedom: A Step-By-Step Practical Guide for Walking in God’s Blessings.”

I regularly minister in churches, and this covers the spiritual growth my wife and I experienced that helped create our success. Very few Christians walk in financial freedom, and this is a guide to help them get there. It also deals with a lot of the misconceptions and poor doctrine about money that many churches preach.
Also available on…

How to Publish Your Book

My books are available on,, and can be ordered by any bookstore through Ingram. Yet, I never ship out a single book to any of them. I have my own Amazon Advantage account for example, but I don’t deal or sell any books through it (I used it for CDs and DVDs I offer).

My print-on-demand book printer takes care of the distribution of the books to all these sellers. Here’s how I’ve done it…

I have written all my books myself. You can hire ghostwriters, and they do an excellent job. I like to write though, so I don’t outsource this part at all. The editing was done by Julie, my wife. If you don’t have someone extremely good with English available, you could hire this out to a worker from or hire an English Major or Journalism student from a local community college.

My covers were designed by:

Don’t skimp on your cover. There’s that old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Yet, that’s how most people DO judge your book. Most self-published books have horrible cover design. They look self-published, and that’s definitely not something I wanted for my books. Can you pay less? Yes. Should you? Not in my opinion. Alpha did a great job on my books and came up with most of the potential designs.

Get your ISBN Numbers at:

The book printer I use requires you to have your own ISBN number when you come to them (they require everything to be print ready). You can purchase 10 ISBN for $240. I had my book cover designer put the ISBN and bar code on the back cover of the book for me.

My Print-On-Demand Book Printer is:

I first found them when I considered going with another print-on-demand publisher that shall remain nameless here. This other publisher charged $2,000 upfront to do your cover, ISBN, and get your book in print. Then they paid you like $2 a book sold…chump change. While doing some searches, I found Lightningsource was their real printer. Go to their links page…and scroll down to Author Services. You’ll see almost every print-on-demand publisher. Interesting, isn’t it?

With Lightningsource, I’m paying $4.20 for my Internet Integrity book at 220 pages and $4.74 for Financial Freedom for 256 pages. This is per book. I could get it cheaper if I wanted to purchase a high volume, but I don’t want inventory sitting around.

When a book sells on Amazon, they take care of it. They only charge for the book printing. The whole difference between the wholesale price and the book printing fee is my royalty. They then send out the royalty checks quarterly. They handle book orders from retailers. They don’t sell directly to the public.

If you want a little easier solution and someone who can handle direct customer orders also, is an option. They’re quite a bit more expensive, but they’re a little easier to use when you’re setting up. I include a 318 page coil bound manual with my Information Marketing Mastery product at It was printed by Lulu because I wanted the coil binding since it’s a workbook, and Lightningsource didn’t offer this.

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