Increase Your Income Today With Deluxe Options

Want to increase your income today? I mean TODAY!

Add a deluxe option to one of your offers. Let’s say you’re selling a product for $27. What could you add to it to make it worth $47 or $97? Maybe add 30 days of email support and a 30 day step-by-step report. They can buy the basic version at $27, or they can buy the deluxe version with the step-by-step plan AND 30 days of email support for only $97. It’s their choice.

You have to test it of course, but this generally doesn’t reduce the sales of the $27 item. What it does is increase your profit per customer. Now 40% of your customers are buying the $97 version instead. If 2% of your visitors were buying, you were averaging 54 cents per visitor. Without changing anything else, but adding another option, you’re now averaging $1.10 per visitor. You’ve doubled your income.

In 90% of cases, you’re leaving money on the table by not offering a basic and deluxe option on your offers. The basic option may be audio only while the deluxe includes video. The deluxe might include some type of personal support. It might include a really heavily desired bonus.

You can even expand on this and offer up to three options. Some people like to call this their silver, gold, and platinum options. I’ve even offered this on a training course before. For $297 people get the course material and all the bonuses (great deal). For $997 they also get to be on the group coaching calls where we discuss the system step-by-step over 8 weeks. For $1,997 they also get email support and two one-on-one calls with me to help them with their project.

As you can see with an option like that, I was adding more personal support which is something people constantly asked for. Providing this served two purposes. First of all, people got what they wanted while I made quite a bit more money. The ones who didn’t buy the upgraded personal support quit trying to get free support out of me (because they knew I was charging for it). So it saved my time as well.

I wouldn’t recommend giving more than 3 options total or you might cause confusion. This is the key principle here. You cannot confuse your customers or they will not buy. Going with Basic and Deluxe is the safest method. You can go with a silver, gold, and platinum if you can explain it well. Don’t go any further than this without some severe step-by-step testing.

Are you offering a basic and deluxe option of your product? If not, why not? You’re leaving money on the table for every day you don’t add this to your offer.

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