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I’ve been posting a lot of new internet business content over on my other blog recently. I will still post some new updated articles here at times, but I’m focusing my attention right now over at Internet Marketing Coach.

Here are some of the articles you should check out over there:

Free Internet Lifestyle Manifesto

This is my free report about the Internet Lifestyle. It details how to set-up and run your business, without being consumed by your business. No cost to download it and no email opt-in required for the report itself. Of course I’d love you to subscribe though. 🙂

Big Mistake in Using Video to Sell

You’ve seen all the top gurus running videos in their sales promotions. This is causing many business owners to make a mistake in using video to sell. What’s the mistake and how can you avoid it?

How to Replace Your Job Online

This is a written interview with Welly Mulia who is now a full-time internet business owner from Indonesia. Find out the trials he went through and how he overcame them to replace his job online.

5 Rules to Simplicity Marketing

Why do we always try to overcomplicate everything? This is about boiling business online down to the core 5 strategies you need to focus on for success. If you can do this, then you can build your business.

2 Essential Internet Marketing Facts

Take the 5 strategies above and cut them down to just 2 places to focus on. Everyone I know who is a success online is a master of just two skills…find out what they are…and if you have what it takes.

Vital Element of Scarcity in Advertising

What you’re selling must be limited either by time or the number available to get the best response possible. Here’s how to use scarcity honestly without resorting to tricks or deception.

Seduced by Web Technology

I often find myself seduced by technology…the coolest new computers and software. But that’s not what succeeding online is all about. Instead it’s about simple steps to build your web business.

Attack of the Joint Venture Vampires

How do you know that person seeking a joint venture is really a vampire in disguise ready to suck the money out of your bank account? Look at these telling signs alll jv vampires have in common.

Why I Decided to Turn Off Comments

I don’t have comments turned on in my new blog. Find out why…and why you should be willing to be different to grow your business online.

Business Opportunity Ideas Dead on Arrival

Most business opportunities are set up to empty your bank account instead of building you a business. Here’s how to tell the difference from a business mindset and a business opportunity idea.

Birth of Successful Internet Marketers

One of the most importants keys to growing your business is the speed of implementation. How quickly do you put new ideas to work in your business? Find out how this separates the successful from everyone else.

117 Ways to Make More Money Online

Looking for ways to make more money online? Here are 117 ways to increase your profits and your business on the Internet.

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