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You know there are hundreds of thousands of people making a good living online. Some are millionaires. Others simply have replaced their job with a much more fun lifestyle of working for themselves.

What’s a beginner to do?

I was thinking about this today. When I started I learned everything by trial and error. There was almost no one online proclaiming they had the “secret to online riches.”

Today we’re surrounded by the message. Everyone tells you they have the missing secret. For just $1 (and a million payments of $99 per month) you’ll have the answer to your dreams…and money will come flowing in like a flood.

When I came online, since no one was proclaiming they had the “answer,” I KNEW I would have to work my butt off to figure it out. What would have happened if I came into this mess of confusion we have online today? I don’t know.

But what I do know is that many people flounder around for years – trying all these different messages before they come to the correct realization.

There isn’t one secret that will transform your life.

It is a progression. It is a process of learning. And yes, quality information products can shortcut some of the learning process. But they will never eliminate the work factor.

It’s all about momentum.

Think about this. It takes a lot of power to get a train moving. Once it’s moving, it then becomes difficult to stop it.

When does the space shuttle expend the most energy? It’s during liftoff. It has two separate boosters and an external fuel tank JUST for the liftoff process.

Getting started is HARD. But once you’ve got the momentum, you simply need to keep doing and expanding on what’s working (sometimes that can be a challenge in itself).

And it’s only made harder by the fact there’s hundreds of “foolproof systems” promising to make it so much easier.

Put a hundred gurus in a room…is it a mastermind or a fight?

It all depends on which clique those gurus come from. Almost reminds me of high school all over again (oh the horror)!

We’re got the internet marketing joint venture list crowd. They’ve got a new $2,000 product launch for you every week. Something else down the pike is the secret of life and happiness you’ve been waiting for. Note here it isn’t the price I’m complaining about but the overhyped pitches of how it’s the greatest solution on the planet (at least till next week’s launch).

What could you learn from them? You can learn the main key, which is that the big money really comes from a list – and from doing joint ventures with others who have your target audience. No matter what “instant traffic” solution they promote – notice how their entire business is based on their list and their joint ventures/affiliates.

We’ve got the social media crowd who have 45,000 Twitter followers, but have trouble selling anything except a course on how to get 45,000 followers on Twitter. They say it is ALL About being social – and spending day and night building friends on these sites. Often they’re also big time bloggers and write half a dozen posts before lunch (like I really want to see a photo of the ham and cheese sandwich they had for lunch).

What could you learn from them? You can see that they do KNOW how to build their social media lists and how to tap into these lists. They’re building audiences, just often they have trouble converting them into profits. Now they simply need to learn the key is to get people OFF of these sites and onto their own list in addition to using social media as a way to contact joint venture partners (see above for what we learned from the internet marketers).

We’ve got the direct hitting seo crowd who constantly complains about the social media people. They know the conversion numbers from social media are pitiful…enough to make anyone who gets a lot of seo or joint venture traffic to want to tear their eyes out for looking at the hideous conversion numbers.

They teach us how to target the BUYING phrases people are already looking for (all keyword phrases are NOT created equal). They also share how important it is to get those incoming links with the right anchor text to rank well on the search engines…targeting those who are looking for information or products on the subject RIGHT NOW.

But too often they don’t want to be associated with “evil” internet marketers with lists, so rely on Adsense ads or some other limited method of profits instead of maximizing their profits with smart marketing.

I could continue with the groups as there are more. Put them together and they hate the others. They’ll often even refer to the stupidity of each other.

Is anyone else getting recollections of high school like me now?

What’s a beginner to do? Each group (and as mentioned the groups break down much deeper than this) is demanding your attention, saying their way is the right way, and promising you the BIG SECRET.

I’ll let you in on the big secret for free here.

The BIG SECRET is focus and hard work.

I originally wrote the above sentence backwards. I put the hard work first and focus second. That’s wrong. It’s focus first…then the hard work (working hard on all the wrong things will not produce what focused work does).

Choose something you’re passionate about where people are spending money. Build your site (I recommend using WordPress to manage your site and content). Produce content focused on your audience AND the search engines (since that is what your audience is searching). Build links from social media and other sources. Concentrate on your list. Make the sale.

This flows back to a statement I keep saying now:
“Internet marketing is simple, but it’s not always easy.”

When you’re starting out, it’s not easy. It is simple though. We simply overcomplicate and make the process difficult. Find an audience. Tap into a source of buying traffic. Make the sale.

Which high school group should you follow: the preppies, the jocks, the cool kids, etc.?

The true answer is they ALL have some value – if you don’t get blinded by all the extra baggage that comes with them.

Which training course is the best?

Mine of course! I had to say that…because this is my website. And if I DIDN’T feel that way, I wouldn’t be selling them. I’d sell someone elses.

A more complete answer is you’ll likely buy multiple courses in the future. I don’t know a single person who reads one golf book and never buys another. That person who cares about their game is constantly looking for ways to improve.

The same truth applies to every subject you can learn. Colleges don’t have ONE CLASS…and then you graduate. You learn multiple subjects about your chosen profession. Expand your knowledge and keep growing.

And here’s something a lot of people forget to do. Go back and RESTUDY some of the same courses you’re purchased as your knowledge grows. Recently a client mentioned to me how he went through one of my courses a 2nd time and was shocked of everything in the material…much of which he missed on his first run through.

If you want to keep expanding and growing your knowledge each month as you build your business, I highly recommend you check out the Monthly Mentor Club. In addition to a load of bonuses, it starts you off the very first month with a lesson on choosing the right market at the intersection of passion and profits.

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