It’s Only Money…

Copywriter Ryan Healey posted a great message on his blog recently about why money doesn’t matter. Ryan said, “Better to focus on creating value for people than to focus on money.”

You can see his article here…

I agree wholeheartily.

My most recent post talked about how entrepreneurs are paid for the value they create…not the hours they work. The key principle here is to focus on the value you’re creating…not the money. Focus on others first.

What is your gifting? What can you do that no one else can? You may not know what it is right now, but I can assue you that you’re a unique person…with unique gifts that give you the ability to accomplish something no one else can do. It may take you years to find out exactly what it is (and you may be forever growing in to it).

Use your talents to create value for others. Focus there first. Then learn good marketing skills to offer what you have.

No one is saying money is unimportant. Of course it’s important. It’s just not nearly as important as your relationships (God, spouse, children, friends) and your fulfillment (doing something you enjoy).

The problem is too many people focus on the money first…and it blinds them to the real opportunities all around them.

One of the things any good coach will do with someone is find out what they really want first…where they would love to be in 3 to 5 years. Then work backward from there to create the lifestyle they dream of.

Making money is really easy. It’s not hard. That’s a mindset shift a lot of people need to make. Say it to yourself, “Making money is easy.”

The harder part is making money while having a load of fun, lots of time off, and time for your family and friends. That’s why I’m telling you to find your giftings first. Your greatest value creation will come from there. You’ll feel energized when you finish a day instead of worn out.

Once you find it…focus on creating value for others with your giftings. Zig Ziglar says, “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Create value for others. Employ good marketing. The money will take care of itself.

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