Jimmy Brown Gives Free Reports

Jimmy BrownI don’t do a lot of endorsements for other people’s products here, but one I must mention is Jimmy Brown.

Recently I purchased his “Small Reports Fortune” and “SALES Army Secrets” along with a few of his other offers. His products are excellent. They’re packed with content and specific action steps to take immediately to build your online business.

And what’s most interesting is his sales model. He follows the lesson of give first to prove your worth by providing free downloadable reports on each of his products.

For example, here are 3 of his free reports:
(Right click each one and choose save target as)

5 Steps to A Big-Profit, SMALL Report Business

7 Totally Free Ways to Get More Traffic

6 Steps to Six Figures With List Marketing

He even has a sense of humor as you can see from his marketing comics section…

Note: The above links are affiliate links.

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