Keep It Simple

I fall back on that phrase so many times, “Keep it simple.”

What is it about human beings…we always want to complicate and make everything as difficult and complicated as possible?

This DOESN’T just apply to my customers and clients. It applies to me also. Multiple times I’ve had the brilliant idea for a product. Then I kept adding to it and adding to it until it became an encyclopedia that took months to finish…or was never finished.

Or I’ll work on a project and keep adding all these ideas to it…until it becomes so complicated I never want to do it.

I don’t want you to think I’m some weirdo who is totally unique in this, I find the same rule holds true for the majority of clients I work with.

We all want to complicate things.

Part of this comes from there being so much information out there and so many different ways to do things, that we want to add them all in until we end up in a big mess of different pieces. The other part seems to be part of human nature itself. We think the more complicated something is, the better it must be. We say to ourselves, “It can’t really be that easy, can it?”

Let’s say you’re currently building a list and promoting affiliate products.

You decide your goal is to create your first information product. What do most of us do? We go out and find a whole new market we have to learn about. We study it for months. Then we write an outline which we keep adding to for the next two weeks. Once we think we’re done, new ideas come up. We add those. Eventually we start writing, get 30 pages in, and give up in frustration.

You think I’m giving you a fake story? Nope. I’ve seen it many times. In fact I’ve done it a couple of times.

Instead if you’re in that position, do this.

1. Send an email to your list where you survey them about what they want (have some freebie for filling it out like a quick report or something you own rights to).

2. Find out what questions they have about the subject.

3. Pick an expert who can answer those questions (maybe you OR maybe one of the affiliate program owners you regularly promote).

4. Interview them through one of the free teleconference services that records. It doesn’t matter which one.

5. Produce a CD through Kunaki or even sell it as an mp3. If you want to be real studious have it transcribed also.

Wow…your first product is done. You could go into depth on writing this incredible sales piece, but your very first one doesn’t have to be that way. Make a list of all the questions you answered, some proof about the expert, and give a guarantee. You have a basic sales piece now. The next one you write will be better.

Simple to get started. Will that be a million dollar project? Not likely, but who cares. It’s your first product. You’re now a publisher.

OK…let’s take it further. You don’t have a list. You don’t have any money.

Let’s follow another process. We don’t have a list and don’t have any money so we can’t do a survey to our list and we can’t do a survey to any type of paid advertising. Instead let’s go over to and look through the best sellers in different categories. What are the comments and reviews people are leaving for popular books in that category? You can LEARN a lot about what the market wants just by looking at what others have said about the material there. They tell you what they liked about the products…and what they wished they had covered more in depth. How nice is that for you?

Next step…find an expert. Going over to the new releases and new upcoming books are a good place to find experts on Amazon (most authors are used to doing a lot of interviews). Or you can look through a site such as the Radio TV Interview Report. Those aren’t top authors but they ARE experts looking for interviewers.

Now follow the method above and record your first product.

Where to sell it? Even if you don’t have a website you could start somewhere simply like selling it on eBay (take Paypal). Or turn it into an mp3 and PDF report to sell on Clickbank.

Again this isn’t the extent of your “big information empire,” but it is a fast starting point instead of getting stuck in all the minor details as you grow. You learn by practice and experience, not just study. So get out there and get moving.

Remember the rule, KEEP IT SIMPLE.

That applies to your internet business, your information products, and your life.

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