Key to Success In Internet Business

The number one key to success online is focus. Are you focusing on achieving your goals while eliminating all the distractions online (there are many shiny objects to pull your attention away)?

But the real question is what are your goals? And to get deeper into the heart of the matter…

What Does Success Mean To You Personally?

Here’s the funny thing. We could have several dozen people comment…and the likelihood is success would mean something a little different to each person reading this.

Does success mean earning a million dollars a year?

Does success mean owning your home debt-free and a large RV where you can travel the country?

Perhaps success means you can travel to two dozen countries this year?

Maybe success is earning enough to pay your simple bills while you get to spend time home schooling your children?

Maybe success is having time to spend down at the homeless shelter helping out because your bills are already taken care of?

Or perhaps success is simply being able to do a job you love and are good at?

Maybe it means working a few hours each day to finance your free time of hobbies and other interests.

So What is Success to You Personally?

That’s the first question you have to answer. Because unless you know where you’re going, how could ever plan to get there?

Let me give you an example of a mistake in coaching others I’ve made at times in the past in regards to this.

One of my personal definitions of success is to have work outsourced and have NO in-house staff. I don’t want in-house staff. Period. Because that is a portion of my priority for success, at first I translated that same qualification to others when coaching them. I was wrong.

I found several clients DEFINITELY want in-house staff. They love staff that works in a office with them. One of their definitions of success is a fast growing company with team members working together in an office environment. If I tried to enforce my definition of success on them, it would cause them emotional pain.

What good is it to build your business around someone else’s definition of success…including mine?

One aspect I’ve found is that:
Success is not a destination. It’s a journey.

Your definition of success will change in the future.

For me in the very beginning of my online business, success was simply defined as GETTING OUT OF DEBT and being able to pay my bills (all my jobs up until that point didn’t even pay enough to make a living).

As you can expect, my goals and my definition of success has expanded since then.

My next definition success became, “Creating enough passive income to pay all my monthly bills without having to work.”

Then…it expanded to, “Creating passive income streams WHILE ENJOYING the work I do.”

Then it moved onto, “Creating low hassle income streams while helping others create Internet lifestyles and enjoying the work I’m good at doing.”

Notice how in none of those really mention a specific amount of money. Obviously my definition of success includes having more than enough for myself and to give to others, but I FOCUS more on how the money is generated than I do on the overall amount. Am I having fun while doing it is more of the key now. For example, coming to me and saying, “I have a way you can make an extra $25,000…” doesn’t even catch my attention (partly because everyone tries that pitch). But if you came to me and said, “Here’s a way you can have even more fun in your business…” you have my attention.

In addition, I added in that balance in the rest of my life is just as important. This includes relationships, exercise, playing with my dogs, eating healthy (somewhat healthy, OK maybe just healthier :). It includes finding and following my purpose/calling from God.

In the beginning, I just desperately wanted to be able to pay my bills. That was a VERY STRONG motivator. Creditors calling you all the time can do that…give you a sense of desperation. Working 12 hours a day – even if I hated every minute of it – was OK. If that was what was required, fine. But that motivation eventually went away BECAUSE circumstances changed.

How do you stay motivated? You expand on your definition of success.

Your own personal definition of success grows over time…and it is more than just one simple answer. It incorporates your entire lifestyle.

Once you DEFINE success, now you can start building your plan for moving towards it…following your journey of success.

No wonder so many people are “lost in internet business.” They’re trying to make a journey without knowing where they’re going. I’ve learned enough from working with clients now that I have to find out what their definition of success is…and what they really want. If you try to build the business based off a model and plan they don’t enjoy, they’ll never have the dedication and committment necessary to see it through.

With every business decision…ask yourself, “Does this fit with my lifestyle goals?”

So the big question is what does success mean to you? Feel free to post in the comments about this…and your opinions on the subject. If everyone were to post their definition of success, we’re likely to see dozens of different answers (and they’d all be right answers for the individual who posted them).

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