Laser Focused Marketing Approach

I spent this past weekend at Glenn and Sharon Livingston’s home in New Hampshire. On Saturday Sharon held an Emotional Marketing workshop where she covered how to use archetypes to help uncover the hidden buying emotions.

On Sunday, we basically turned the recorder on, and I interrogated Glenn about Adwords for the majority of the day.

It was incredible. Expect to see us release this product within the next few weeks.

Glenn covered much of the step-by-step system his PPC management service uses to:

– Find the most important keyword phrase and phrases for profits.
– Create an In Depth Free Competitive Intelligence Dashboard to show the mindset and language of the market.
– Setup your Google account right from day one – to maximize clickthroughs and sales.
– Tactics for Coming Up With and Testing Ads in your Market
– Advanced Techniques for Increasing Clickthroughs and Reducing Cost Per Click.
– How to Expand Out Those Keywords Into Other Forms of Advertising such as SEO.

Both Glenn and I were worn out when we finished.

While I loved every minute of it, the parts I found most useful to me personally were about choosing the right “limited” number of keywords to profit from and then setting up the free competitive intelligence dashboard.

One of the lessons he shared was that often PPC marketers use TOO MANY keyword phrases.

That’s right. When he said that, it surprised me quite a bit.

Over the past year he has personally reviewed over 100 different Adwords accounts. In addition, his PPC company now has 21 employees working on accounts (they do more than just PPC now). The ones which have done best during the recession have been using a fewer number of keywords than the average.

This is counter to almost everything else I’ve heard. We’ve been counseled for years to go after long-tail search phrases only.

Yet, that is not the approach he recommends today after seeing the results in all of these accounts. Those who focus on a tighter group of keyword phrases are doing better.

All those keyword phrases are dividing our attention instead of creating a laser like focus for our overall business.

Glenn shared how we should focus on a primary “bullseye” keyword phrase for our business. All your other keywords move out from this core phrase.

It makes perfect sense in other elements of our business. For example, if you have a blog, you can only have one title for the blog (the title tag on your blog is a key element to search engine positioning). You can only have one domain name for your primary site. You want a unique selling position for your business which can be easily explained (not a dozen things you can’t quantify).

Instead of doing this though, most Adwords advertisers look through all the potential phrases in keyword tools. They say, “I like this phrase…I can make some money here.” Then they say that same thing to 100+ other phrases that may or may not have any relation to one another.

This brings us back to that opportunity cost I always talk about. There are a LOT of ways to make money online with your business. But everyone of them means you have to leave out other opportunities. You can’t do everything at once.

Doing hundreds of keywords from day one means you can’t FOCUS on everything you must do to make your campaigns successful (testing ads, refining campaigns, and advanced techniques). Even doing several dozen keyword phrases when you’re starting out can overwhelm you.

Plus you’ll find the visitors from all these different keywords might have a totally different way of thinking…meaning your core selling approach may not work for all of them.

Obviously the course isn’t ready yet (we will try to get it up asap).

Why am I writing this then? It’s as much for me as it is for you. This weekend drove home the FOCUS lesson I’ve been sharing so much lately.

I’ve been making this mistake PERSONALLY in some of my own Adwords campaigns. So it’s not me saying, “You all need to do this.” It’s me saying, “I’VE GOT TO DO THIS.”

Focus. It’s amazing how often this comes up in internet business. The point is being driven home again.

I’ll cover a little more on what I learned from all of Glenn’s Adwords expertise over the next few weeks.

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