More Sales and More Fun

Today I want to have more fun and make more sales. Actually, that’s what I usually want to do!

Today we’re doing it by highlighting some of the best articles I picked out of my RSS Reader to share with you.

An Open Letter to Marking Newbies

Ben Settle is an email marketing maniac. In this post he shares tips for the newbies to make more money online. Pay special attention to his last tip. Also love this one, “Consume a good “how to” product at least 10x’s before buying the next one.” There are very few books I’ve read ten times (Claude Hopkins Scientific Advertising is one) but I do go through the best ones multiple times. It shocking what you pull out the 2nd and 3rd time you go through it.

Another Reason Internet Businesses Fail: The Myth of Work Versus Play

Glenn obviously hit a nerve with his audience on this one as comments keep coming in. While I don’t agree with everything Glenn says here, he makes some very good points. Perhaps Glenn and I will get together and discuss this if you are interested (where I would share a little bit different of a viewpoint and how it relates to each of our personalities).

Which Subject Line Won?

Ryan Healy talks about going deeper than just surface testing of subject lines. This is an important one for EVERYONE who tests. You do test, don’t you? It’s easy to misinterpret the results or look at the wrong numbers if you’re not careful. Notice how he pinpoints something I’ve been talking a lot about lately – everyone on your list is NOT going to be a buyer. Write the ones who will be.

Website Redesign Pulls in More Sales?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away design wasn’t that important. It was all about the copy. In my recent tests, this isn’t true anymore. Presenting a professional appearance to your website is becoming more and more important today. Read about how Michel Fortin is currently generating 4 times as many sales by doing a redesign on one of his sites.

5 Social Media Lessons I Learned from Working With a Hollywood Actress

Some very good tips are included here. I especially like the finding your blog’s core purpose. Focus. That’s what it is all about. What is your bullseye phrase? What is your goal? What is the purpose of each element in your business? Don’t promote or do anything online simply because “others are doing it.” What is the right focus for you?

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