The Truth About Internet Marketing Conferences

I just came back from speaking at another Internet marketing conference, and I’m tired of it.

Here’s the pitch. You’re told about all the “insider secrets” you’ll learn at the upcoming event…and how you’ll be able to hit your feet running with all this new info. Usually the sales letter is full of bullets eluding to all types of information you know will just transform your business. Then you get to the event…and it begins.

I’m now referring to Internet marketing events as Sell-a-Thons. Most speakers don’t give you a systematic system for sucess online. They don’t even give you a lot of useful tips. They sell…and selll…and sell.

More than a dozen speakers are trotted up one after another to let you in on their “secrets.” Instead, most of them simply do a one hour sales presentation. Oh, it has the resemblance of having some content, but the whole purpose of the speech is to get you to buy…not to educate you in any way.

Am I speaking about any specific Internet marketing conference? Nope. I’m speaking about the majority of them. There are exceptions, but they’re rare. If you want to know how to spot a conference that’s not like this, look for one which DOESN’T have a large number of speakers. I’d recommend looking for one with no more than 2 main speakers per day. So a three day event could have 6 main speakers because they all get half a day…a lot of time to teach and give value.

There are 3 large “speaker training courses” on the market right now that are priced $997 to $3,000. I’ve been through two of them, and was absolutely sickened by what they taught (I know that the 3rd one is very similar from other sources).

What do they teach a speaker to do? They teach you to sell…and wind the sales presentation throughout your whole speech. They tell you to avoid giving any content or value. Simply do a sales letter in speech format without giving anything that will help your attendees…unless they buy your product.

So this trend isn’t changing. It’s becoming much worse, because most speakers are being trained to simply be sales people without value.

They even justify this 60 to 90 minute sales presentation by saying there is no way you can really help someone in that time frame. I disagree totally. You can change someone’s life in that time frame!

Kind of strange that one of the “teachers” of this sells products that are no longer than 90 minutes claiming how valuable they are, and then in his speaker training course says there is no way to put value in something that short. Hmmm…Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Of course I don’t feel there is anything wrong with selling a product from a platform. Don’t take what I’m saying in the wrong way. What I do have a problem with is the deception that says you’re giving value when you’re selling the whole time. I have a problem with a 90 minute sales presentation disguised and promoted as content.

I don’t have a problem with someone who gives great value and then taking 5 to 10 minutes to tell you about other resources you can buy from them to continue getting the SAME VALUE in a larger format.

I’m tired of it, and won’t be speaking at anymore Internet marketing meat markets.

I’m considering doing real workshops with a limited number of speakers, real value and education, and time all throughout the sessions to do actual WORK while at the event…where you leave not just with a head full of knowledge, but with improvements on your business already accomplished. If you’re interested in something like that, let me know.

Or if you’re a promoter who hosts something like that, I may be available to work with you. If you host Internet marketing sell-a-thons, don’t even waste my time or yours by contacting me anymore.

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