Need Your Help

Today I need to ask for your help.

Has any of the information on this blog, my product, or my coaching benefited you and your business?

If so, could I ask you to do something for me?

I’m testing a new feedback system which you can see below.

If you can say I have helped you in your business, please post below. Please be as specific as possible.

It can be for this blog, for a specific product, for my print newsletter, or for my coaching services.

After you post, it will also give you the opportunity to leave a voice message. You can leave your phone number (it’s optional) and the system will automatically call you on your phone almost instantly. After it calls you, simply record your message for us to use.

If you have a photo you’d like to add, you can also upload this.

As you may have guessed already, I’m testing out a new feedback generation system…

Any testimonials given will be reviewed first and may be used on the sales pages for those products or here on this blog.

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