Need Your Help

I need your help.

As you know I offer internet business coaching to help you earn more, work less, and enjoy life.

For the past year, my program has been full almost constantly. I get a cancellation now and then, but those slots are immediately taken by the email waiting list I have on the coaching page.

This means I’ve turned down many more clients than I’ve taken on over the past 10 months or so. One of my goals for the second half of this year is to change the coaching so I can help more clients get their businesses running online and improve the profits of their existing ones.

To do this is going to require a change in the format of how I do the coaching. Going forward I’m going to put together “coaching groups” and “coaching eclasses” designed to accomplish a specific goal in your business.

My current style of “open coaching” will only be available to those who already have profitable web businesses. After seeing the results of a couple of dozen clients, I can see how those who have businesses making money online and want to go to the next level make progress so much faster in this coaching model. They often increase profits by 25%, 50%, or even several hundred percent (a couple of clients have jumped by 5 to 10 times profits in just a few months).

Those who are brand new starting out do not see results this quick generally. Instead they need more hand holding and VERY SPECIFIC assignments to keep moving…the kind of assignments which work well in coaching groups (with homework and support on the assignments). I know this is what they need because I’ve done these types of groups very successfully in the past.

As I’m making this change I’m curious to see what is most important to you. What type of products and coaching do you need? What roadblocks are occurring in your business? Where do you need the most help?

The survey is now closed…

Anyone who fills out the survey will receive an audio interview Tim Gary did with me on “7 Keys to Online Profits.” This is one audio where I went indepth into the MINDSET issues that are holding many people back from success online. This covers the core trait you must have to succeed online. In addition, I talk about how to deal with fear and procrastination. We also talk about how to make progress toward your goals every single day.

This mp3 audio is your gift just for taking the time to fill out the survey…and letting me know exactly where you need the most help in your internet business.

The survey is now closed…

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