Overcoming Fear

Fear…we all experience it at some point or another.

I watched my wife, Julie act terrified all weekend. She was nervous…kept checking the computer…and wondering what was going to happen.

Something she has thought about since she was young was working in the medical field. A few years ago she finally decided to act on this and went to school to become an RN. She graduated right before we moved down to Florida.

Last Thursday she took her NCLEX test to be licensed a nurse.

You could see the anxiety on her as she left to take the test. When she came back, it was worse. Now she was in terror. She had only received the minimum number of questions on the test: 75. On the NCLEX test, you receive between 75 and 265 questions. The computer keeps testing you until it reaches a conclusion of whether you pass or fail.

Her having just 75 questions means she passed very well or failed very badly.

Since she felt the test was one of the hardest ones she has ever taken, she was thoroughly convinced it was option B: failed very badly. It takes 2 business days to receive the results online. Since she tested on Thursday that means she didn’t see results until today.

The good news is that she passed of course. She is a licensed Florida nurse.

What does this have to do with you? Everything. We ALL experience FEAR at some point in an online business. It’s SCARY learning new technology and stepping out where you’ve never been before.

The question isn’t whether you’re going to experience fear in your online business. It’s simply how you’re going to react to it.

If you’re standing in the road and a truck comes barreling straight at you…the correct response is to get out of the way. Don’t allow the fear to paralyze where you stand there staring at it.

For Julie she was very nervous about her test for the past several weeks. This meant she studied her butt off all day long many days. She went to a Sylvia Rayfield test preparation class. She did everything she could to prepare. Then the date of the test, she showed up.

I remember when I published my first website. I was terrified. What would people say? What if no one ever purchased? What if this never made a dime?

Same experience when I sent out my first email to my list. What if everyone hates it? What if they ALL unsubscribe? What if they send me nasty hatemail?

My first product…ditto. What if everyone hates me and my writing? What if no one buys?

What if…What if…What if…

There is a right and wrong action to fear.

The right reaction is to confront, do all you can, and go forward anyway.

The wrong reaction is to be paralyzed by it.

Over the years I’ve worked online I’ve seen dozens of people who never went forward. They were paralyzed by fear instead. They were afraid people wouldn’t buy their product. They were of course right. If you have a 3% conversion, that means 97 people out of a 100 are not buying! It’s not about those who don’t. It’s about those who do.

Are you afraid someone will send you a nasty email when you publish to your blog or your email list? They probably will. I’ve received many angry letters over the years. I think some people enjoying being angry! I’ve unsubscribed people from my list before because they sent me an angry response every week. Then they get angry because you’re not sending them email anymore.

Someone will complain about your product. The key here is to identify real constructive criticism you can use…compared to just people complaining because they’re good at it.

Many people say FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Are you afraid of that angry email…so you don’t send out any emails? If so, get over it. Get your first one and join the club. It won’t “hurt” you.

Every NEW experience will be scary. You have to overcome it and keep moving forward anyway. The only person not having to deal with fear on some level is the one sitting in the same routine day after day, and year after year.

Keep moving forward.

And congrats Julie…
Julie Dean, RN

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