Passion and Profits Part 3

My final qualification for choosing the market I want to work in is whether I have a story that fits into the market or not. Look at any good advertising and you’ll find it’s focused heavily on the “story” of the product, the owner of the company, or on a case study.

Often the story is the reason why the business was created. For example, many inventions were created because of a problem the inventor had in their own life. They wanted to solve their problem first. Later on they chose to share it with the rest of the world.

Note: this is often how I come up with product ideas in my own business by looking at the same difficulties I’ve had to overcome. A problem needs a solution. If you have a problem it’s likely others do also and are looking for a solution you can help them with.

Think about the story I share…about how I came out of dead end jobs like delivering pizzas to setup an online business. My original intention wasn’t to teach others about online business. It was to sell products produced by others. But I was so successful doing this that people started asking me to teach the same methods I was using. I taped into that story of the pizza delivery driver turned success online, because it is MY STORY.

Look at weight loss ads as another example. How many weight loss or muscle building ads have you seen where the author talks about his/her transformation story. The skinny 100 pound weakling gets sand kicked in his face, builds a ton of muscle, and never gets bullied again. The 300 pound mother takes a good look at herself, hates what she sees, and then does an about face all the way down to 120.

Those are examples of the “rags to riches” story. Loser tries everything but eventually finds the secret to success. While it doesn’t always fit, it’s a story you see very often. Our “hero” confronts an obstacle, whatever that may be, initially loses against it, finds the secret, and overcomes. The underdog becomes the winner.

Another type of hero is the “reluctant hero” story. This is the person who initially doesn’t want to get involved. Because of the need and the reality of the situation must take action and help others. They get pulled into the story because of some defining “moment.”

This one fits best especially if you have some life changing event – something that occurs that makes it easier to take action than sit on the sidelines any longer. You’ve probably noticed this one occurring quite often in “health” type issues. A person experiences the pain of loss or the pain of an illness either in their own life or in the life of someone close to them. After trying all the normal routes, they do everything they can to find the solution eventually stumbling on some methods to help others with the problem.

A third type of story is the “us versus them” fight. I’ve seen this one DOZENS of times in the financial field. Those dirty Democrats in office are out to destroy your money through inflation. Perhaps it’s all the jerks in Congress. Maybe it’s the greedy Wall Street bankers taking your money. In health this one is used as the greedy pharmaceutical companies who are lying to you.

You’re on a mission to confront these enemies and share the truth with your audience. This one can best be used WHEN you become very passionate about the subject. You get ANGRY when you think of what is being done to people in your market. And you can funnel that righteous anger into helping people achieve the results you know are possible for them.

These are just a few of the common stories people work from in their business. I’m not giving you these so you can sit there and think up a “story.” I’m sharing them with you because I want you to choose a market that you have TRUE STORY to share. That story is your competitive advantage!

Do you have a life changing event, a failure to success experience, or passion that could be channeled toward an enemy? This isn’t 100% essential, but it definitely makes you stand out more in the market…especially if you don’t have any other strong competitive advantages to work from. This really all comes back to the core question…what’s your advantage?

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