Passion + Hungry Market = Maximum Profits

By Terry Dean

Two business people buy the same online training course.  They both follow it to the letter.  They find a hungry market.  They develop a product.  They both write a direct response website.

They both profit.  We return a year later.  One of them is out of business while the other one has turned their small business into a seven figure business. 

What’s the difference?

It’s the passion.

You need two important elements to build a truely successful business.  First you must find a hungry market who already wants to and is able to buy something.

Quit trying to convince people to buy your product.  That’s how you go broke.  You want to find an easy to target group of people who are already looking for what you offer.

Some good tools to help you find these people are:

Wordtracker – Research what keyword phrases your target market is already looking for:

Magazines – Are there magazines around that topic?  This shows it’s a big enough niche to suport a magazines: 

Paypal Shops – Are people already successfully selling online to that niche?  Check the numbers here:

That’s only the first part, and it’s also where most people stop.  They find a hungry market and make a little cash.

You can build a business from targeting a hungry market.

You can build a lifestyle from combining your passion with a hungry market.

Money is a powerful motivator, and it can drive you to start and build a business for a while.

What happens when you have money, and it no longer motivates you everyday?  You might say this would never happen to you. You might be right, but I’ve known quite a few wealthy people I couldn’t stand being around.  Everything they did was about making more, and having more than the next guy.

Who cares?  Do you know who is really fun to be around?  It’s that entrepreneur who is passionate about what they do. They love their business. They love their customers.  And it shows in everything they do.

They make great money, and they have a fun lifestyle to go along with it. 

At times it seems they have the magic touch.  Everything they do turns to gold.

Combine finding a hungry niche with finding your own passion and interests.  What is a mission you can get behind?  What would you love to share with others? 

What is it that you just can’t quit talking about when you’re with your friends? 

Take some time and write down everything you love to do. Imagine living your perfect day.  What would you do?  Where would you go?  Who would you work with? 

Now take that…and combine it with finding the right easy to target niche market. 

The difference between the two business people is one found a business while the other one find a lifestyle.

You can make money even when you hate your business, but you can’t build a life you love that way. 

Combine the two.  Now you have real life.

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