Secret Ingredient in Your Business

You have a secret ingredient in your business. It gives you an immediate advantage over your competition. No one else can copy it. No one else can claim it.

The only question is whether you’re using that advantage or not…

That advantage you have over everyone else is YOU.

You’re unique. You see things in a unique way. And you’ve got to share that with others.

Take a look at all the “marketing experts” you know. They all have a different personality that comes through in their writing, their products, and their speech. Is for example, James Brausch the same as Jimmy Brown? No. Is John Reese the same as Mark Hendricks? No. While there may be a few similarities you can tell the difference from their writing and how they conduct their business.

For example, I was doing some competitive research in a particular market recently. In it I saw a very well written direct response letter. The moment I started reading it I knew exactly who wrote the letter. It had a different signature at the bottom of the page, but I knew who it was because of the writing style. When you study enough copy, you’ll recognize the different styles of copywriters (and since this person doesn’t write copy for others to my knowledge – this means the project I found was one of their undercover ones).

When I work with clients I’m always trying to get them to share part of their personality and their stories with their audience. I’ve been encourage you to start your own blog so you can do exactly that. Share who you are. Let people get to know you. Tell them something interesting that’s happened to you lately. Tell them what you love. Tell them what your pet peeves are.

Here is a basic process of selling. If you want people to buy from you, they must…

Know You.
Like You.
Trust You.

Let them get to know you. Some will like you. Some won’t. So many new marketers are terrified people won’t like them. Well let’s get this over with once and for all. GET OVER IT! Some people won’t like you. Some people will send you nasty letters when you share your personality. Some people won’t like your style. SO WHAT?

You’re not going to sell to the ones who don’t like you anyway. Nor would you want to! All they would do is cause problems for you.

Focus on the ones who will like you. Continue to share with them. Provide content. Let them get to know you. As you go through the process they’ll trust you. And when they trust you, they’ll buy from you.

Have you ever wondered why some marketing experts recommend long copy while others recommend short copy? Here’s the answer so make sure you’re paying attention. Those who get great response rates from very short copy are using other elements of their business to go through the process of getting people to know them, like them, and trust them. For example, if you have a blog where you communicate several times per week or daily with your prospects, your sales copy won’t need to be nearly as long. You’ve already accomplished a major portion of the job BEFORE people got to the sales material.

If you already have a well known “brand” in the marketplace (like many big companies focus on) it also shortens the time to sell as well. You’ve already jumped the hurdle of getting people to trust you. If you haven’t written through those gates already, then your copy has to do a lot more work.

So what are you using to communicate and build relationships with your audience?
Are you becoming more than just an echo of other voices?
Are you giving people the chance to know you, like you, and trust you even before they get to a sales letter?

If not, why don’t you start today?

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