September Monthly Mentor Club

Are you a member of my “Monthly Mentor Club” print newsletter yet?

If not, you should be. Each month I publish 11 pages of step-by-step info to increasing your online profits in any business.

This month I’m covering my cheat sheet of ten key strategies to boost the profits of any business instantly. It’s the same information I refer back to when looking for “quick cash” in any business I’m in. It includes the strategies I’ve proven to increase conversions and sales on my web pages and those of my clients.

Need a higher conversion? Look at the sheet and pick #1, #4, or #8. Put in place and watch your conversion rate soar. For a different project, #2 may be just what the doctored ordered. It really is as simple as that.

And As a special gift to subscribers this month, I’m giving everyone a copy of my special report, “The Thousand Dollar Marketing Makeover Guide.”

This 58 page PDF report contains the exact assessment I use for my $495 and $1,000 makeover consultations. My clients go through this extensive assessment for their business before they ever get on the phone with me.

The majority of clients say this assessment alone is worth more than what they paid for their consultation before we even get on the phone together.

Every single $19.95 a month subscriber gets this report this month…including the assessment and the 5 ways to grow any business step-by-step plan. If you decide the newsletter isn’t right for you, simply cancel and you’ll owe nothing more ever.

If you do decide it’s the more detailed and simple to follow step-by-step plan for increasing your profits, it will only cost you $19.95 a month…with no long-term committments or contracts.

You have till Sepetember 10th at 9 AM Eastern time to be a member of the club to get this month’s issue…and the special PDF report not currently available in any other way (except to one-on-one coaching clients).

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