Simple Step-By-Step System to Online Failure

By Terry Dean

I thought I’d be a little different this week.  I’m always telling people how to succeed in their businesses, both on and off the Internet.  So let’s go a little unusual today… Today I’m going to teach you a simple step-by-step system to failure. 

Why would you want to fail? 

I honestly don’t know, but after talking to many business owners I”m thoroughly convinced that’s what they’re trying to do.  They have all their “failure” steps lined up and working for them.

Some people seem to have this system down to a science.  I thought I’d share it with you…so you can see if you’re going the direction you really want in your business.

Step One: Don’t Follow-up On Your Customers

If you want to make sure you fail, don’t follow-up on your customers.  Sell one product or service.  Take the money and run.  If you want to make sure you don’t do well, offer a low cost ebook as your only income stream. 

If you find multiple related products and services that your customers want, you’re simply too likely to succeed.  So make sure you don’t collect their information and follow up on them with relevant offers. 

Step Two: Listen to Everything the Gurus Tell You

When they tell you to buy something, do it.  If they tell you they run advertising in a specific place, spend all your money to advertise there.  They would never lie to you, would they?

Smart marketers don’t listen to everything.  They instead pay attention to everything gurus do instead of just what they say.  But if your goal is to fail, you want to make sure to keep your eyes closed and your ears open.

Step Three: Spend All Your Money on One Advertisement

Yes, that’s right.  Spend everything you can afford on one big ad.  Hope and pray that one ad is a success.  If it doesn’t work, you simply won’t have anything left to try something else. 

I know I prefer to keep all my investments very small on every new ad to see if it works, but that would be a poor recipe for failure.  Because if you only spend a small portion of your budget on an ad, you can fix and refine it to work better next time.

Step Four: Give Up Whenever Something Doesn’t Work Immediately

If you run a Google Adwords ad and it doesn’t make money, quit immediately.  Go run one newsletter ad.  When it doesn’t work try writing one article.  When they doesn’t work, try doing something else. 

If you make sure to continually do something different, at least you won’t be bored even if you’re not making money.

It takes time and testing to often find the right combination that works for your business.  By continually jumping from one method to another, you’ll never get over the “learning” hump…and you can really assure your failure.

Step Five: Do the Exact Same Thing Everyone Else is Doing

Get really excited about the hot new program.  Buy it and start using it.  If you don’t succeed, get frustrated.  Buy some other hot new program and use it for a few weeks.  Get frustrated and quit.  Continue this cycle for years where you continually jump on the bandwagon without learning.

You would be much more successful if you concentrated on building a unique business that fit you, but again that’s not your goal.  This article is all about a step-by-step system to failure.  And that requires you to create a me-too business that looks just like everyone else.

Step Six: Be a perfectionist.

Don’t do anything until you have it just perfect.  Don’t launch that product for at least another couple of months until you get it just right.  Don’t write the article right now because you don’t “feel” inspired enough.  Don’t test your sales letter because it just isn’t quite right yet.

Always wait until something is perfect before you start using it.  Yes, I understand that will probably never happen and you’ll never get to start selling that product or using that sales letter.  But the goal of this article was to teach you how to fail…

Step Seven: Concentrate on the Quick Buck

Sell overpriced products that aren’t worth nearly what you’re charging.  Make sure they have serious problems with them also. Don’t provide customer support as that would cost you extra money. 

Make sure that your overpriced hyped up product sells quickly.  Once people get to really know what’s in it, they won’t buy.  So make your money fast and get out of the business…especially making sure not to do any customer follow-up.

There you go.  Seven rules to live by to make sure you fail online.  I know that some readers may have the goal of actually succeeding online.  It’s rare, but I know some of you want success instead of failure.

If that’s the case, simply do the opposite.  The same system people are using to fail can be turned around into a success system if that’s what you’re looking for.

I prefer success personally, but it’s up to you.  Don’t let me stand in your way of failure if that’s your choice.  Just follow the above principles and you’ll know exactly how to get there.

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