Simple Systems of Success

It’s EASY to over-complicate the internet.

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I could have written the list above for pages, but I’m tired of writing it.

Have you ever been CONFUSED about internet business?

If this was a live event, we’d see hands going up all over the room.

There is so much information available that you can’t possibly study it all…not to mention DO it all.

You’ll find that the people who do best as beginners are those who simplify. Instead of trying to do everything (and wearing all the hats they may eventually wear as an internet business owner), they focus on a simple method they can understand.

Choose one method and DO IT.

Method #1: Articles

You’ve probably heard of the “BUM marketing method.” You can search that phrase on Google to find out more. Basically instead of trying everything to build traffic, simply write articles. Write an article. Promote an affiliate product. Submit it to article directories.

Become more advanced by doing some keyword research on the Google Keyword Tool. Use those keyword phrases people are already searching for in your titles and throughout the article.

Visitors see your article. Then click through to the site you’re promoting. You make a little money OVER TIME (this method takes a lot of articles and time to build momentum).

Improve the results of it by getting your own domain, buying rights to a product you’re allowed to give away free, and use it to build your list. Then promote the affiliate programs AFTER people join your list.

The idea behind this method is simply its simplicity. You can expand by writing more articles, hiring a writer to produce them for you, or adding in other techniques (such as getting them on your list first).

Method #2: SEO

Do keyword research. Find a keyword phrase that has a decent number of searches, but isn’t TOO competitive. Here is a SIMPLE method of determining if it is tough to capture. Search the phrase on Google. Is everyone of the first page results using the entire phrase in their title? If they are, it’s going to be tough to rank.

Then visit some of these sites and see what their Pagerank is (you’ll need the free Google toolbar for that). If you all 4’s, 5’s, and above…tough competition. If you see mostly 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s, it is looking much better.

I could get much more complicated with the competitive research, but let’s keep it simple. We want a phrase that the sites aren’t all expert competitors.

Put up a WordPress site focusing on that primary keyword phrase. Go back to the Google keyword tool to find all the similar keyword phrases Google recommends…and create your posts on these subjects. Follow the strategies on SEO as given in these 2 articles and an upcoming 3rd one about linking building.

Keep SEO Companies From Cheating You – Part 1
Keep SEO Companies From Cheating You – Part 2

From your blog, promote an affiliate program or a series of affiliate products that you would honestly recommend.

Method #3: Your Own Product and Affiliates

Put together your own product on a subject. For your very first product, I’d recommend doing an interview.

Put it up low cost such as $10, $15, or $20. Use a script such as RAP to handle affiliates and pay you through Paypal (this is an affiliate link).

Contact potential affiliates and give them 100% of the money from this front end offer. You’re primarily using it to build a list of BUYERS which you can offer other products and affiliate programs to.

Produce content and provide this content to bloggers and ezine publishers in exchange for a link (which they can even use their affiliate link).

Notice how I didn’t say anything about doing a big launch process for it? You can do that on the next one once you build a few relationships. Keep it simple.

Three Strategies You Could Use to Get Started

The above are simply 3 strategies you COULD USE to get started online. I could make any of them more complex and go into further detail on them. The key here isn’t how DEEP we can get. It’s getting started and keeping it simple at first. Once you get “out there” expand on your knowledge and IMPROVE on what you’re doing by studying the method more intensively.

The key is as much getting started and gaining momentum as it is “doing things right.” Nobody does everything right from the beginning. If you choose to do articles, a few of your first ones might not even make any profits. Then you write the one that does. This is how you learn. You see the difference. You duplicate what you did on the “correct” one. You grow.

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