Sink or Swim – Desperation Marketing


Business is all about getting the momentum up and running…and it just keeps rolling and growing.

I see a lot of disappointed newbies who never seem to get that momentum going.

One of the reasons this happens is they just dip their toe in the water. They are just testing the business, but they never go all out. They never jump in the water. It never becomes sink or swim to them.

I remember when I started online…it wasn’t a maybe. Maybe this would work out. It was either this works out…or I don’t know what I’m going to do. I came at it with a desperation inside of me. It had to work. There wasn’t any other option. I had already tried everything else and it wasn’t working.

And you know what…I’M GLAD I was in that position.

If I wasn’t, I’ll bet you I would have gave up when it got hard. I would have gave up if a product I sold didn’t make any sales. I would have given up when people complained about the sales email I sent them (that old line of everything on the web should be free was told then too).

There is ALWAYS another opportunity to give up. There is always another distraction to grab your attention. There is always a reason to lose your focus.

It’s that dedication and that desperation that keeps you moving and keeps you going.

Sometimes we see disagreements about whether you have to be truly passionate about your subject or not. While I believe passion is an important element, it’s not vital. I’ve seen many people build successful businesses when the subject wasn’t really one they absolutely loved. I’ve seen people who are very successful who do something totally different with their free time.

But I don’t believe I’ve ever seen someone who succeeded without passion or desperation.

Passion is a motivator. So is desperation. Both of them can cause you to overcome obstacles and keep working when it doesn’t seem like anything is going the way you want. Both can keep you moving forward.

Both allow you to get that momentum moving for you.

This is where so many people have trouble with internet business. This isn’t a job. On a job, if you work an hour, you get paid for the hour. If you work 50 hours this week, you get your normal pay and then you get overtime pay also since you went over the mystical 40 hours.

Online business is more like investing. And I’m not talking about day trading or short-term investments. It’s more similar to buy-and-hold investments. But instead of investing your money, you’re investing your time…to see your investment grow and payoff in the future.

Work 20 hours this week…and you might not see any return at all. But you’re building the foundation, the knowledge, and the experience so you can be paid MUCH MORE months or years into the future.

The other issue is that it’s not a nice easy growth line either. Wouldn’t it be great if your income grew with a beautiful curve of you earn $100 this month, $200 next month, then $400, then $800, and so on as it multiplied nice and neatly each month.

You’ll have plateaus and breakthroughs. Everyone does. For the brand new beginner it’s earning that first dollar or making that first sale. It seems so tough to get over the hurdle. Then you break it…time for celebration. Most people then move up to a few hundred dollars per month and it seems like they get stuck here.

Usually the next level is broken through once you understand something new about your customer, how to increase your conversion, and then expand out your marketing.

Then you move to the several thousand a month level. That’s a nice income. For some it’s just a little extra money while others it might enable them to leave their job to focus more on this business. Either way it is often another sticking point in business. Once you breakthrough here another one occurs in the ten to twenty thousand a month level. And so on.

Yet we like to think in nice looking graphs that just flow up one month after the next. I went looking for a photo to display here to show what I’m explaining…and it was TOUGH. Why? Because all the graph photos I found were showing that nice regular growth for every business. It’s how we think, but it’s NOT how things work out in reality.

In fact, the plateau effect can be seen in almost everything – not just business. For example if you’re losing weight you’re experience the same effect. You lose weight for a while and then all of sudden everything seems to stop for a while. At these points you can’t give up. Instead you need to switch something up and refire your desire to get it moving again.

And that’s where it comes down to in business. How bad do you want it?

Once you’ve started seeing some success, do you still have that desperation or passion pushing you to reach the next level? Are you willing to do what it takes to get moving again.

Because it all comes back to that momentum…that sink or swim marketing attitude.

Are you just dipping your toe in the water or are you jumping in?

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