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Recently I discussed how free Stumbleupon visitors were useful to my site…and better quality than the other social bookmarking sites.

Because of this, I decided to test several paid Stumbleupon ads. You can purchase visitors to your site for only 5 cents apiece through their online system. In addition, you can choose the categories they come from. I choose “marketing” and “entrepreneurs” for my primary categories in my campaign.

Their advertising can be purchased here…

Out of 1,000 purchased visits (I’ve actually purchased more, but some of it couldn’t be tracked correctly as I was also generating free Stumbleupon visitors at the same time), they only delivered 845 as counted by Google Analytics. A logical explanation for this is the visitors aren’t even waiting long enough for the site to load before going somewhere else.

Here’s where the numbers suck. The bounce rate for PAID Stumbleupon traffic was 82.02%. This means only 17.98% of visitors even went to a second page on my site. That’s an absolutely pitiful rate for a blog…and shows the quality of these paid Stumbles was very poor.

Free Stumbleupon traffic was averaging 41.52% bounce rate. So 58.48% of those were visiting other pages. And get this…these numbers were driven to the SAME PAGE that did well with free Stumbles. Ouch!

Overall…they delivered less visitors than I paid for. The visitors they delivered were much lower quality than the average free stumblers.

Although they’re a great free service to use, I definitely wouldn’t recommend their paid advertising.

Blog Advertising Tip: I didn’t know if I should reveal this here or only save it for my print newsletter subscribers. I decided to share the basic message here, although the February print issue will go more in depth on the subject.

It isn’t worth sending paid advertising to the blog.

This includes PPC traffic (my favorite form of paid advertising), advertising on other blogs, blog reviews, ezine ads, etc. Even if you develop a landing page on the blog specifically for a form of traffic (see this page as an example…)

There are simply too many distractions on the blog for it to work well with paid advertising. I’m sure it can be done, and I have ran several profitable ads to the blog, but it’s not as effective as developing a landing squeeze page.

For paid advertising of any type, don’t drive visitors to your blog. Drive them to a squeeze page. Here’s an example one that generates subscribers to this blog.

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