Support Our Troops?

I read of collection of blogs every work morning (on weekends I often don’t even turn on a computer). One of those blog is Shel Horowitz’s Principled Profit.

Anyone who promotes good ethical marketing is definitely someone I enjoy reading…and I found his post this morning very interesting.

Shel Horowitz’s post about the US government supports their troops here…

This weekend I had just been reading other similar stories about how some of our injured troops were being treated by the government. Irregardless of what political affiliation you may be (Shel and I are obviously from different groups), this is definitely not supporting the troops…It’s sick treatment of people who give their lives to protect their country.

It seems that as soon as they’re not of use to the military anymore, they toss them aside. I’ve had a few “friends” like that in the past. When they need you, they act like best friends. When you don’t give them what they want, they’re nowhere to be seen anymore.

Some joint venture partners act the same way. They go for a quick buck…and their “friends” are only those who can do the most for them. Instead of going for long-term relationships, they want a quick promotion. Instead of finding ways they can help you, they’re always looking for another way you can help them.

When you’re soliciting joint ventures, think about what you can do for those you’re contacting first. Do they need content? Do they need help with something? What can you do for them to build the relationship…and how can you continue working with them? Success in business is about developing long-term relationships with your customers, clients, and your partners. It’s not about that one quick promotion.

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