Ted Nicholas at Internet Success System

I spoke at Mark Hendricks’ Internet Success System back in October 2007, and I had a wonderful time. The majority of Internet marketing seminars are primarily pitchfests to see who can get audience tripping over each other to whip out their credit card and give them the most money at the back of the room. Mark’s seminar isn’t like this. His is built on value and content…and a good portion of the time is actual masterminding around attendee’s projects and sites.

I won’t be able to be at his upcoming conference on March 27th through 30th, but you should be there if it’s at all possible.

Unlike the majority of high priced conferences, his group isn’t just a one-time event where you come hear speakers. He has built a community. Take a look at his page and see how it includes a whole lot more than “just a conference.”

Mark requires you to study the complete 12 lesson Internet Success System course BEFORE you attend the conference. I personally thought this course would just be “basic” information, but it’s not. It goes into much greater detail…and actually teaches you how to set-up sites, drive traffic, find joint ventures, and more.

Because very attendee has already been through the course prior to the event, Mark hits the ground running with advanced training, constant Mastermind sessions with other seasoned marketers, along with question and answer sessions to give you exactly what you need all weekend long.

At this event, he has someone who has been a mentor to many online experts…Ted Nicholas.

Here is a short video with Mark Hendricks letting you know a little bit more about Ted.

Find out more about the conference here…

The cost of the event, all the pre-event training, and the mastermind groups is only $297 plus $67 or $97 a month depending on whether you choose the silver or gold option. Both options include this upcoming event. Your investment is 100% guaranteed of course as Mark stands behind his products and events.

Note that the price goes up by $100 on Feb 1st. So check it out today…

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