Thank You And Survey Results

First of All, Thank You to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. I really appreciate it.

Today I’m going to share a few of the results as they apply to this blog and the content here.

The first question in the survey was:
“Which Subjects Would You Most Like Blog Posts to Cover (you can check multiple subjects)?”

The majority of participants filled out 3 to 4 responses so the percentages don’t add up to 100%.

The 3 most popular choices were:

Advice on Internet Marketing Steps – 77.1%
Videos Demonstrating Marketing Techniques – 55.7%
Actual Test Results of Promotions – 51.4%

The 2 least popular choices were:

Marketing Strategies for Brick and Mortar Businesses – 18.6%
Links to Other Blogs and My Favorite Posts – 28.6%

An interesting stat is more people wanted to see me running specials on products than link to other blogs. I also find it interesting that marketing strategies for brick and mortar businesses was the least popular choice, but in the open ended question of how I could improve the blog several people recommended more articles on brick and mortar business internet promotion.

The fact that “advice on internet marketing” won is no surprise since that’s what this blog is primarily about. Having the videos come up second confirms what I’ve been seeing in tests results of the videos I’ve previously published producing quite a bit of traffic here.

Test results were also popular although they came in third so we will add some more test results…although I do more sharing of hard numbers from tests results in my paid newsletter than I do on this blog.

The second question was:
“How Often Would You Like to See New Posts”

The Current Frequency of 3 Times Per Week – 62.3%
2 Times Per Week – 30.4%
Every Week Day – 4.3%
Multiple Times Per Day – 2.9%

So my current frequency is the big winner. Yet, 30% of my regular readers would like me to actually post less often!

If I add both every weekday and multiple times per day together, that still only adds up to 7.2% of the responses that would like more frequent posts. Something I found very interesting here was the number of people who responded in one of the open ended questions below about how they quit reading the more frequent blogs. Posting more frequently obviously creates more traffic, but does it produce more loyal subscribers is the big question?

The next question was an open ended one:
Would You Recommend This Blog to Others…What Would You Say About It?

Why did I ask this question? I was looking for the potential additions to my marketing that I could use. How did my readers see me? Now I’m going to be considering how to expand on what they’ve all shared with me to create an even more unique blog.

Here are just a few of the responses from that section…

Should have found this 8 months ago instead of falling into blackhat marketing methods at late hours of the night in my pajamas.”

“Yes, I’d tell them you were my mentor for a long time and one of my favorite marketers.”

“Yes, I definitely would recommend this blog to others. The blog has tons of great information about internet marketing. Personally, the internet marketing coach that I really trust is Terry Dean.”

“Terry has the best information and most honest, straight-forward product line available anywhere. If you want to grow your business, you’re behind the curve unless you are tuned in to Terry.”

“It’s filled to overflowing with priceless gems of proven internet marketing advice, tactics that help you take your online business to the very next level.”

One interesting response was someone who said No they would not because I promoted sleaze bags. The only product promotions I’ve done recently outside my own have been for Mark Hendricks and Jimmy Brown. If anyone sees them as sleaze bags, then they’re definitely not part of my target market. I’ve known Jimmy Brown since he first got started online and he has even listed me as one of his original mentors in several of his products.

I haven’t known Mark for as long, but I’ve met him in person and spoke at his conference. He is real and honest with his customers instead of spitting out all the hype and bull you constantly see in this market. Speaking with all his attendees who have been at his events was a radical change from most internet marketing seminars.

If anyone has been mistreated as a customer by either of these individuals, I would definitely want to know as I plan to continue to promote them.

The final question in the survey was:
“How Could We Improve this Blog to Serve Your Needs Better (is there any subject you’d like us to cover that we haven’t)?”

I received a large number of suggested topics for future posts. Ones that really stood out to me because they kept being repeated or because they’re something I’d like to cover anyway were:

– Email List Building (the most suggested topic in different forms)
– Systematic Steps for Newbies to Get Started and Start Running Their Internet Business
– Goal Setting and Personal Growth Strategies
– More on Market Research
– How Local Businesses Can Leverage the Internet for New Clients
– Copywriting Information Especially About Landing Pages

Am I happy with the results of survey?

Most definitely. Again thank you to everyone who filled out the survey. Your opinions are important to me. I received many possible post ideas, possibilities of how to put a more unique brand to the blog, and confirmation of people’s interest in additional video information.

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