The 2 Winners of the Dan Kennedy Packages are…

We had quite a few entries in the contest in the last couple of days. I want to say thank you to everyone who entered the contest from your blog. You took action…and that’s the starting point for succeeding in anything in your business (it also gave me the chance to visit several new blogs I hadn’t seen before).

To pick the winners, I did a random roll of everyone who linked into the contest posting. The two winners are Ryan Healy and Fred Black. Ryan won Package #1 and Fred won Package #2. I’ll be shipping out these two big boxes asap to both of you.

For everyone who didn’t win a prize…I want you to think about what you did accomplish. You took action. You’re a winner. Don’t let this be the end. A couple of you started brand new blogs. You did the hard part…getting set-up and making your first post. Don’t quit now.

Here are the sites that entered the contest…a few long-term great blogs…and some brand new ones as well (notice you all win something – a link from here):

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