The Unforgiveable Business Sin

What is the business sin that your prospects and customers will never forgive you for?

We could discuss many different items, but you’ll find people are more forgiving than we give them credit for. And no I’m not suggesting you go out and mistreat your customers…not by any standard. But we are all human…and we make mistakes at times. You won’t find any business owner who has everything perfectly together.

A fast growing business often slides behind in customer service for a while (which they hopefully fix and improve on). Products don’t work correctly or have bugs in them at first. A weird occurrence for example in my business is we had a customer ticket last week that all the DVDs from our big course were in the wrong boxes (weird I know). Faulty DVDs go out and times and need to be replaced, but the customer said they had all the DVDs – just in all the wrong cases.

So what is it that customers will not forgive you for?

Being BORING. Why can’t they forgive this? Because they simply don’t pay attention to you anymore. You’ve lost them.

There are THOUSANDS of messages every day clamoring for a cherished spot in our limited attention. And there isn’t going to any let up on this in the future.

Why should they “pay attention” to your message (paying attention is a very correct analogy as it is costing you something – your time)?

You can give me all the logical reasons someone should pay attention to you such as how you’ll improve their lives. But every one of your competitors says that as well.

I remember when I was back in college.

I had this professor who can easily be in the running as the most boring teacher in existence.

I’d sit there. He’d drone on and on in a monotone voice, never changing his pitch. I remember one specific day where he simply read from the textbook for at least an hour – although it seemed like all day at the time.

I looked at my watch. I doodled on my notebook. I watched a student sitting next to me reading notes from his last class. Gave a quick glance at the professor to make sure he knew I was paying careful attention. Back to the watch…

If life was a science fiction movie, the evil mastermind must have slowed down time.

For all I know he might have been explaining the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. I’ll never know because it was simply too painful to pay attention anymore.

The question is…do you ever do that in your blog, your emails, or your speaking?

Do you make it easier to ignore you than to pay attention?

A quick tip to combat this is to USE STORIES. Even that teacher had his moments. He would quit reading the book for a minute…and tell a story about something that happened to him.

Those who were still awake perked up and listened intently. You could see them look up from whatever they were doing at the time.

Story connects you with the audience.

You’ve had a great selection of teachers if you can’t think back to a teacher/professor you’ve had who was similar to the above. They BORED you to tears by loading facts, figures, dates, etc. on you with no passion or excitement. There was nothing to connect you with the subject. If you’ve never had an instructor like this, consider yourself very lucky!

This means we’ve had a shared experience. We have a connection and an understanding from this experience.

How can you use stories in your business to accomplish the same purpose?

The above story is short and not too detailed. I could have went into much deeper detail and threw in some personal tidbits, but I feel it was enough to get the message across. Go out and spend time reading some great sales copy. How do they use stories to hold your attention and build connection with you?

How about the last audio you listened to? Did they use any stories about their life or their business? Did you notice how your attention focused as the story was told? What about some of your favorite blog posts? Sure there are those 101 ways to… type of posts, but how many others are there that grab your attention because of a story (especially a humorous story)?

Think about the ways you can integrate stories in your sales copy, your emails, and your presentations…all your business communications.

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And this isn’t just for the small home based business. Even big companies tell their stories. Watch the majority of commercials and you’ll see the simple story they’re telling. Some work. Some don’t. But they all KNOW they need this connection. How well are you using stories for persuasion?

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