Twitter and the Tweetathon

I haven’t been all that active on a few of the social networks (I find my time is often better spent on SEO, PPC, or working directly with clients).

I do have a twitter account you can check out here:

I am most definitely not one of the people who tells you what they’re doing all day (I’m working instead of posting about it). I am playing around with posting about once per day to the system, and all blog posts are automatically posted using Twitterfeed.

If you want to make me a friend on Facebook, you can also make me a friend there.

So why am I posting about Twitter? Simple. I want to give you a last minute opportunity to join Dr. Mani’s Tweetathon to raise money for his “heart kids.”


Dr.Mani is a heart surgeon who innovatively uses Internet marketing to help kids born with heart defects.

On September 12th, in a very special event called the Heart Kids Tweet-a-thon, he is blogging non-stop for 24 hours to raise funds for his ‘heart kids’.

And this year, he’s setting his sights high. Dr.Mani plans to raise $30,000 in a day to fund lifesaving heart surgery for 12 children.

He’s got some practical ways worked out so you can help – check them out at

Be a part of this great project, if you can.

Also, don’t forget to drop by and encourage him on the big day!
Please visit his blog on September 12th, 2008 – the URL is

I’ve donated to the cause. In addition I’ve provided some content for him to use during the Tweetathon.

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