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It seems everyone is constantly raving about all the social sites and just how vital to your business they are. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, I’ve been running tests on them…and I have to say the majority are greatly over hyped in value.

Some of them are very good resources for contacting potential JV partners or generating a few incoming links (we want those links for the search engines). The majority simply generate unqualified traffic that doesn’t convert and doesn’t buy.

There have been a few exceptions.

One of these is Twitter. In my tests on Twitter I noticed a profit pretty quickly. While most of the time you point to good valuable resources and content, you can tweet about some of your offers. And these tweets have converted into sales.

So the one social site I recommend to everyone now is Twitter.

I don’t have any materials about it yet as I’m still in the learning process. I’ve seen quite a few materials come out on Twitter, but none of them have been good enough to recommend until now.

This past week I received my copy of “Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time!” by Joel Comm.

It’s excellent!

While many books in the internet marketing field are self published, Joel’s new book is published by John Wiley Publishing, a major business book publisher. And it shows in the presentation from beginning to end (although I did notice some typos so far).

Instead of trying to go into detail about each element of the book, here is a list of the chapter titles to show you how every major element is considered and covered from a beginner’s point of view:

An Introduction to the Social Media Landscape

What is Twitter and Why Is It So Powerful

Getting Started the Right Way on Twitter

Building a Following on Twitter

The Art of the Tweet

The Magic of Connecting With Customers on Twitter

Leveraging Twitter for Team Communication

Using Twitter to Help Build Your Brand

Leveraging the Power of Twitter to Drive Behavior in Your Followers

Beyond Third Party Tools You Will Want to Know

Building Powerful Solutions on Top of the Twitter Platform

Play Nice: Legal Considerations

Putting It All Together: A 30 Day Plan for Dominating Twitter

Power Twitterers

As of right now, I haven’t finished the book yet (it’s 245 pages including the full index at the back). I’m looking forward to getting all the way through it soon.

If you want to grab your copy, pick it up from Amazon:

Right now Joel is also providing a 4 Week Online Social Media Bootcamp as a bonus which you can register for here:

Neither of those are affiliate links. If you’ve ever considered using any type of social media…I’d recommend Twitter first.

Joel’s book is the best resource I’ve seen on Twitter so far.

When I checked the price on Amazon, it was listed at $16.47 so you can’t beat that price.

If you’re not using Twitter, you’re leaving money on the table. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re experienced with Twitter, you may want to only skim over the first couple of chapters to get into the meat later on in the book as Joel does start from a raw beginner’s viewpoint.

If you want to grab your copy, pick it up from Amazon:

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