Two Blogging Profit Models

Don’t be confused. There are two primary blogging profit models.

The first one is what I call the professional blogger. The primary profit center of their blog is advertising. They blog at least once a day and sometimes as often as twenty times a day or more. They often own multiple blogs and are a part of multiple online communities.

When people use the term “blogger,” these are the people they commonly think of. They’re the professional bloggers like Darren Rowse, Makri, Perez Hilton, and Eric Nakagawa.

While they often have multiple sources of income outside their blog, what they advertise and promote the most on their blog is the advertising. This includes image ads, text links, Adsense, affiliate programs, etc.

Build the traffic…and sell the advertising. That’s the primary model.

Then there’s another model.

It’s the business owner who blogs to build a community to offer their products and services to. You’ll notice on these sites that there is less “paid advertising.” Instead there are promotions for their own products and services (or in some cases no promotion at all as the blog builds credibility providing them clients for their services such as copywriting).

Take a look at these examples: John Jantsch, Ed Rivis, Bob Bly, Stephen Dean, Michel Fortin, Fred Black, and James Brausch.

While some of these sites are extremely high traffic, they are on average much lower traffic than the blogging professionals mentioned above. They post less often. Yet, I’d expect many of them have profits that far excel bloggers who spend way more time on their blogs than they do. This is because of the other elements of their business which integrate in with their blogging.

They produce products. They offer services related to their blog. They run promotions. They turn the attention they have from subscribers into income.

By the way, did you notice the feedburner numbers on John’s Jantsch’s blog (top left on his site)? It was at 94,963 subscribers when I linked to him (it’s probably higher when you look). That’s a pretty nice size community for his blogging promotions.

Obviously I’m in the second category as well. My goal with this blog is to give you value and content while at the same time promoting my products and services.

Why am I talking about this? Simple…a lot of people look at blogging and see it only as an avenue for the professional bloggers who’s primary goal is to sell advertising. With that model, you post constantly. You’ve got to get to thousands or tens of thousands of visitors a day to earn even a decent income.

You’re not making an everyday committment as a business owner blogging. You might post a couple of times a week or even only once a week. The key is you’re using blogging software to make it easy for you to post regular content. You’re taking advantage of advanced traffic generation tools. And you’re building a community platform for offering your products and services.

Decide on the model that’s right for you and what you’re writing about. You might start off by simply building an audience and selling advertising, but I personally would always have a plan prepared for expanding into other products or services to maximize the value of your traffic.

Advertising is only one income source…and you’ll find many of the blogs above don’t even offer any advertising space at all. Their own products earn way more money in those slots than any income advertising would ever produce.

If you’re a business owner who wants to get started with blogging, I’d recommend taking a look at my Blogging for Fun and Profit videos.

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