Two Products In Two Days

I’m here in Las Vegas today with my friend Fred Gleeck. I came in yesterday and had fun around Vegas. I love some of the hiking areas around here such as the Red Rock Canyon (the photo at the bottom from a previous trip here).

If you don’t know Fred, he has been developing information products for niches for 17+ years. He’s created close to 500 products for himself and his clients. And he’s generated close to $10 million dollars from the sales of these products.

As you might expect, he knows quite a bit about creating and selling information products.

What am I doing at his house?

We’re creating two new information products…2 new products in 2 days.

As you know I highly recommend you become a prolific product developer.

How long did it take you to create your last product?

Beginners often have one non-completed project after another because they take too long to finish their first project. They lose interest. And they go in another direction before the first project is ever done.

If that describes you, break the cycle now. Once you start a project, finish the project. Get it out there and tested. If it produces, expand on it. If it fails, test some other options with it. But let the market tell you instead of quitting half way through! Even the more experienced marketers fall into this trap.

Too often we go for perfection instead of producing a good product we can add to later.

Is that an excuse to put out garbage? NO! I didn’t say put out any old thing to your customers. I know there may be some product experts who tell you to do this, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

Do the best job you can on the product, but don’t wait for perfection. It never comes. There will always be something you can improve. That’s why software always has a 1.0 version, 2.0, 2.5, etc. on down the list. They’re working to improve it based on the feedback they get from their customers.

I’ve never put out a perfect product. I don’t sell any perfect products. They don’t exist. Perfection isn’t possible because all products are made by people, and we’re all flawed. The products are right for some people, but they’re never right for everyone.

How are Fred and I doing 2 products in 2 days?

Today Fred interviews me about 35 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Internet Results. He will be asking me about all the little secrets I share with my coaching clients to help them boost their traffic, conversion, and sales. The intent is to share tips you can use immediately to improve your results online.

Day two I’m interviewing Fred about…you guessed it…how to create a million dollars or more in information marketing profits even when you’re not an expert. Since Fred has done hundreds of interview products like this, he is the perfect expert to reveal his entire system.

He’s sharing how to choose the right experts, what equipment to use for professional interviews, how to come up with the right questions, being comfortable during the interview, how to package it, and how to earn multiple streams of income from every interview.

All in all, he’s sharing how you can use interviewing to:

– Create Products Using Other People’s Information
– Sell Them Using Other People’s Lists
– Build Lifelong Relationships and JVs

For each of these interviews, we put together a simple interview outline. I’m likely to have them transcribed as well to provide customers with both a written and audio option. A bonus or two will likely be added to each. Yet, each of the primary products is being done in 1 day.

You might be expecting me to offer you these products for sale here. Nope. I could offer a pre-order option for them, but that’s not the point of this post.

I’m sharing this information with you because I don’t just want to tell you what to do. Instead, I’m sharing with you what I’m doing. You’re seeing an X-ray of what is going on inside my own business. In addition to these two products, I have a plan for several more upcoming projects that are based off of interviews as well.

Why don’t you challenge yourself to put together a new product within the next 7 days?

If you’re not an expert on the subject, find one to interview. If you are an expert, use Camtasia Studio to record your computer screen or a Powerpoint presentation. Get your first product up and running. It won’t be perfect. It may or may not become a big seller. But it gives you the experience of being a product developer.

And you’re then ahead of 99% of the other internet marketers who are still “just starting out.”

Red Rock

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