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Steven Lohrenz released a article marketing software program in the past few days.

I own several article marketing software programs and have mentioned them in the past. But my biggest complaint with all the programs I own has been the fact they have to run from my own computer. If I want to email out articles to specific publishers it is running on my system through my ISP.

As you may already know, many ISPs don’t like you sending a large volume of email from your computer.

Steven finally came up with a solution that allows you to send out your articles from your web server. There are two other features I really love about his program.

It allows you to submit unique articles to thousands of publishers. You can load in all the publishers you want to contact. Then load in several variations of your article. It will automatically create unique articles out of your variations to avoid the duplicate content filters on some of the search engines.

In addition, you can automatically schedule when your articles will be sent out. For example, you could login to the system and schedule for one article to be sent out each week for the next month. Set it up today and they will automatically go out on the schedule you created. It’s set and forget.

OK…what’s the price for this software?

Right now other article submission programs that don’t do as much cost $19.95 up to $347, but Steven is doing something special.

For now, the software is free. But who knows how long it will stay that way?

Why is he giving it away free? The first reason he’s doing this is because the basic foundation of what he created came from an open source program which he modified to add in his additional code for creating unique articles. In addition, he sells other software programs and training tools (including an online video series on how to get the most from article submissions) which he knows you’ll be interested in once you see what this does for free.

I should mention also that I found the software to have one major weakness. It can be a little difficult to install. If you’re a non-techie you’re going to want to hire someone else to install it for you. So that adds a cost to using this program.

Here’s where you can pick up this software for free (and check out his other offers):

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