Unplug For Ideas

LakeWe live in a world of instant connection…email, cell phones, pagers, and wireless Internet access. It’s easy to stay connected all the time, and many entrepreneurs never get away from their business.

Walk through the airport and you’ll see people with their bluetooth headsets attached to the ears jabbering away (even in the restroom). At the beach people are checking their email on their BlackBerry.

A family is out together at a restaurant, and one of them pulls out their cell phone to talk to someone at work. I always notice this when I’m out, because I consider extremely rude as any time you answer a cell phone while in a conversation with another person. You just told the person you’re talking to that they’re less important than the person on the phone.

We live in a world where it’s easy to stay connected all the time, but it’s simply not healthy. What do you do to unplug?

I’ve stated it many times. My best ideas have always come when I’m away from work…doing something fun. Sit there thinking about the problem and you stress yourself out. Relax, unwind, take a break…and the solution comes so easily.

It’s turned into spring here in Indiana, and I’ve been going to park every weekend. My wife, two dogs, and I hang out there. We hike, play with the dogs, and cookout on our traveling grill. A lot of times I’ll plant myself by the lake and simply read a non-business book for hours (sci-fi/fantasy is my favorite fiction).

It’s relaxing and refreshing. When you do work, you’re much more focused…and get more accomplished in less time. When you stay connected all the time, your production keeps going down and down constantly. I’ve seen people who work 12 hours a day and accomplish nothing, because they’re so stuck in their rut of just going to through the motions of going to work.

I don’t consider it a vacation day if I answer my email or answer any business calls. Some people when I first coach them haven’t had a vacation in 7 years or more! It’s crazy. They’re worn out and frustrated with their business every single time. One of the first things we always schedule for them is a way to take a break…and then we refocus them on spending their time for maximum value (find out more about one-on-one coaching here).

What do you do to unplug and unwind? How do you create the best opportunity to express your creativity and turn every hour of work in maximum profits?

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