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Here are some of my favorite blog posts from around the web this week.

Offers That Increase Profit and Generate Inquiries

This is part of Copyblogger’s 58 Killer Offers series. The whole series is definitely a resource you can use when you’re putting together your product or service offers. Use it as a brainstorming tool to come up with the right unique offer in your market.

The Frustration of Trying to Make Money Online

Fred Black shares that many people have been so hyped up by the salesletters about instant internet riches that they get frustrated by the work it takes to succeed online. Then he shares 20 points to help you consistently be successful with your internet business.

Your Ignored “Call To Activate” Cash Account

John Carlton shares why from time to time you may want to reach out with the phone and call some of your best customers. Nope…not to “sell” them your great new item. Just do it to stay in touch and and build your relationship with them. While you’re at it, you’ll find the selling process is made so much easier.

Top Ten New Years Resolutions – Resolution 2

I quote, “Most people don’t learn until late in life that NO amount of money will be enough or bring satisfaction when you are not a person who has learned true contentment.” Very good article to think about as money alone doesn’t bring contentment in your life.

Stop Selling and Start Giving – The Power of Free Content

Lee Mcintyre shares a video of how he posted a content rich post on one of the popular marketing forums – and how it generated many new visitors, subscribers, and customers for his business. You really can share…and profit from it.

Google Blocks My Blog and Warns Visitors

Michel Fortin tells how his blog was hacked by a malicious code which caused him to be blocked by Google. Google not only blocked his site but also displayed a warning that his site was malicious. You definitely don’t want to use the plugin he talked about here.

Free Media Manipulation by Dean Hunt

Sometimes we try to make marketing just too difficult. This post shares just how easy it is to get the media contacts for major publishing outlets. It takes time, but it is easy.

There Really Is No Such Thing As Bad Press

Controversy sells…and generates traffic. John Chow shares how bad press can be good for business. I can’t agree that this is true 100% of the time, but it is often true.

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