What About Product Launches?

You may have noticed I don’t participate in the highly hyped up product launches in the internet marketing field.

Is this because I’m against product launches?

No. Not at all. I do mini-launches of my own products in this field. And I’ve participated in helping others do product launches in other niches.

The only reason I don’t participate in the internet marketing ones is most of the ones I’ve seen have been so hyped up as the “end-all” solution to all your business needs. Just give me $2,000 and all your problems are solved.

Sure…and they also have some gorgeous swampland to sell you.

It’s a serious issue of hypercopyitis which often seems to work in this market.

Here’s my biggest complaint about the last few I took a look at. They included really popular videos or PDF files that everyone claimed was incredible content. I read through the PDFs (I personally don’t watch many longer videos) and didn’t find any content at all.

All I found was a sales pitch in disguise. You have this same issue in some of the conferences as there are numerous products out there that teach you how to create speeches that contain zero real content. They’re just a hidden sales pitch all throughout.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong at all with selling. There is nothing wrong with the entire PDF being a sales letter. What I don’t like is the fact that 100+ people announced how incredibly ground breaking the content was.

I wouldn’t care if all you sent me were sales pitches. So what? There is an unsubscribe button if I want. It’s my choice. Just don’t tell me it was an ecourse that would actually help me achieve specific end results.

OK. I’m done ranting…for now.

I’m not against product launches. Yes, you should tease people with what you’re going to be releasing. Share excerpts from it. Tell them what’s coming. Line up JV partners to help you make it a big event.

In fact, all of your products should have at least a mini-launch:

1. Contact some of your best affiliates (or potential best affiliates) letting them know what’s coming.

2. Send them over a prepublication copy of your product.

3. Let your audience know when it will be released (emails, blogs, etc.).

4. Create pre-content including audio interviews, videos, PDFs, blog posts, etc. to distribute.

5. Do a giveaway promotion for the product on your site to get people talking about it and selling themselves.

6. Set a limited number available (and often a limited time also). If you want to keep the product available later then add bonuses that are limited to a specific number of customers.

7. Run multiple emails before the day, on the day, and after to keep in contact with your list. This is NOT the day to be shy and afraid of unsubscribes. The biggest sales often accompany the most unsubscribes.

I could keep adding to this points, but I’m sure you’re getting the idea. Make the whole process a big event to take action now.

Obviously the big key is getting others to take part in the promotion alongside you. Build up those relationships over time in your market instead of waiting till it’s time to do the promotion. Check out Your First JV.

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