What Are You Testing Today?

What are you testing in your business today?

That’s a good question to ask yourself each day. As I’ve said many times, I haven’t become successful online because of my great brilliance (although I love to think I’m brilliant at times). It is simply because I’m willing to constantly test everything in small steps.

Does every ad I write become instantly successful? Not a chance.

Does every ezine ad I’ve ever place earn a profit? Nope.

Is every product a runaway success? No, every one of them has earned a profit, but they haven’t all earned enough to be worth their development time.

Are all my Google campaigns instantly profitable? I wish!

My approach is simply to be willing to test EVERYTHING in my business. And I’m only willing to invest a little at a time to see the results. If that $100 ad loses, I’ll have another one that wins. I’ll drop the loser and keep following the winner.

As much as I hate to admit it, at times ads I write don’t work. You might find a copywriter who claims they ALWAYS beat the control and everything they write is solid gold, but I’m sure you can figure out what I think about them without mentioning it…

This means I have to test my websites with different headlines, photos, etc. I may test two entirely different approaches.

Here’s a good example. Recently I mentioned how I purchased rights to 2 membership training courses. If you purchased one, I would automatically give you both. They’re both incredible information on getting your own monthly continuity program in place.

Both of them came with sales copy. My solution for figuring out which sales copy should be the base version…I ran a split test where both websites were shown. Anyone who ordered from either automatically gets both products (so 2 sales letters but the same end delivery).

Then I can go back in on the version which works best (actually too close to call at the moment).

On another site right now I’m running a headline split test with 3 different headlines being tested.

My Google campaigns all have multiple ads being tested on them.

This blog has been testing 3waylinks.net for a few months now. A few people have stumbled upon the link on here where it says other resources and asked about why I had some of the links. It’s because I’ve been testing them. My opinion so far: it appears to help, but Linkvana.com is more powerful (also more expensive).

It’s interesting that I’ve had several coaching clients ask me about “that test” without knowing for sure what it was. They of course received the answer. I wonder how many others may have been surfing my site and jumped to conclusions about it. They might have thought I had some big link trade going on personally (since it doesn’t refer to what it is).

That’s one of the mistakes when you copy blindly. You don’t know why someone is doing something on their site. It may just be a test, and you don’t have the end results of the test yet (I haven’t made a final decision on this test yet).

So my question to you is, “What are YOU testing today?

Are you testing your on site Conversion with new headlines, photos, intros, offers, etc.?

Are you testing new Traffic techniques such as Twitter, article resources, PPC, etc.?

Are you testing new Products in your mix such as offering the same product with several different titles, different price points, etc.?

Here are the Testing Tools I’m Personally Using:

1. Google Optimizer A-B:

I love their basic split tester. Almost every new site goes up with at least a split test of the headline. If you’ve never tested anything before, start here. Set up a simple A-B split test of your headline. Run 2 or more headlines with everything else on your site the same. You’ll be shocked at how much of a difference it makes. While I’ve never seen an 1800% difference like I’ve heard other copywriters talk about, I often see 30% to 100% improvements from a new headline on a page. If you’re not at least doing this on every new site, you’re cutting your own throat.

Free after you sign-up for Your Adwords account.

2. Google Optimizer Multivariate

Have enough traffic to do multiple tests? Graduate up to their multivariate tester for your next series. Test headline, photo, intro paragraph, guarantee, and possibly even the price. This one is a little more complicated to setup but still very valuable if you have the traffic. Try it AFTER you’ve experimented with the A-B tester a few times. If you’re only generating 100 visitors a week, I’d go with a straight split test only of the headline.

Free after your sign-up for Your Adwords account.

3. Netofficetoolbox.com

I also run some basic advertising tests and A-B split tests with my shopping cart’s Ad Tracker at times. For example, on the Monthly Mentor Club, right now I have a testing issue. Google Optimizer requires that your thank you page be on the same domain as the page you’re testing. That club is not setup this way at the moment, so I’m using the ad tracker built into my shopping cart to track which headline is pulling the best on the new site.

$29 to $99 a month depending on which package you have.

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