What Happens When Goal Setting Doesn’t Work?

The experts tell you to write down goals. Then they tell you how they will “magically” come about through the “Attraction Factor” or some other nonsense.

What about when it doesn’t work?

Very few people reach all their goals using the “normal” system. If you’re one of the .001% who always seems to hit all your goals, I’m not talking to you. You’re an amazing dedicated individual who has more motivation than I can even understand.

What about us normal mortals? Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re like me, setting and reaching goals doesn’t always work.

Here’s the problem. Most products that talk about how you can just attract your intentions are so superficial. They don’t discuss the whole subject…and it simply doesn’t work for most people.

If you want success and to reach your goals, you have to add additional steps and action to the plan.

And more than that…in my own life I’ve often much better success by taking the shortcut. Instead of just reaching for goals, I take a different route.

I decide the life I want. Then I figure out everything that’s in the way of that…and start removing each and every item out of the way to create the perfect life.

And I’ve found this much more successful for me since “goals” rarely motivate me. All people have two motivations: pleasure and pain. You want pleasure and you want to avoid pain. Goals are based on the pleasure motivation, but if you’ve done any copywriting you know that pain is often much more motivating.

Which one is easier to sell…prevention or a cure? The cure is. People who are in pain will pay anything to get out of pain.

So I put together a much more motivating way to reach my goals involving this shortcut. And no, it doesn’t cause any pain – it motivates you by removing the pain that’s in your life right now.

I shared my whole system in a teleconference with my coaching clients. Now I’m releasing the full audio of that teleconference along with the the transcript and action guides.

It’s called “Create a Life You Love” at:

This product includes Master Reprint Rights so you can sell it yourself and keep all the money…even using my entire sales letter. Or you can sell it through my affiliate program for 100% commissions at http://www.mymarketingcoach.com/affiliates.html

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