What Is Your Email Marketing Strategy?

Everyone wants to build a list. At a recent seminar I was at, I surveyed the attendees and asked them what was most important to them. Of those I asked, more than 80% of them responded that building their list was the most important thing they wanted to learn there.

We’ve heard it over and over again that the money is in the list (the money is really in the relationship with the list, but that’s another story). The message has stuck. If you build your lists, you’ll grow your online income.

There are dozens of good ways to build your list. Yet people still have trouble getting their lists to grow and respond. There’s a simple reason for this.

You can follow all the techniques the gurus talk about, but if you’re simply a me-too business publishing me-too information, there’s no reason for anyone to join you. Why be on your list when they can get the exact same information from someone else?

You have to develop your list strategy. A vital component to every business is the unique client focus. What makes you different? Why should someone buy from you instead of the next person?

The same rule applies to your list. Why should someone join your list and read your emails instead of that person over there? What is your brand? What makes the content of your list unique? What do you offer that’s unique when someone subscribes?

This is a key principle you can’t ignore. Why should someone subscribe to your list instead of all the other opportunities available out there? If you don’t have an answer to that question…it’s going to be an uphill list building battle!

The good news is you can grow your lists today. I’ve recently made one of my coaching teleconference calls on how to grow your first 5,000 subscribers available now…for only $9.95. Plus all buyers receive 100% affiliate commissions on the sale of this product.


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