Which RSS Feeds Do I Actually Read?

I’ve listed some of my favorite business feeds before, but it has always just been my opinion. This time I decided to be a little bit more scientific about showing my favorite feeds.

The RSS reader I use is Google Reader. If you haven’t started using an RSS reader yet, I recommend you try it out. Sign-up for Google Reader, and then use the RSS subscribe button on the right side of my blog (that big yellow button).

Currently I’m subscribed to 31 RSS feeds. To pick out my 10 favorite RSS feeds below, I simply looked in the “Trends” option inside Google Reader

Google Trends I looked in Google Reader and went to the “Trends” option to see my own Reading trends.

What I was looking for were blogs with a high “% Read” stat meaning I was reading a majority of their posts. The first two blogs on the list had a 100% readership rate which meant I read every single post on their blog in the last 30 days.

Then the numbers started dropping from there with the 3rd on at 95% readership and so on. Of these 10, my lowest readership rate showed I read it 55% of the time. I noticed of my other 21 blogs, I was reading them less than 50% of the time (over the past 30 days).

1. Ed Rivis

He publishes consistently good information without all the hype normally associated with internet marketing sites. For example you can see his 2008 Campaign Testing showing the 10 methods you should concentrate on for marketing your site. I also own his Blogging Calendar and it’s a great tool I’m personally using.

2. Pat B. Doyle

She was tied at 100% in my Trends list with Ed Rivis. If I had to best describe her blog and why I’m reading it, it’s because she’s authentic. You can just feel it when you read through what she posts.

3. Copyblogger

Great headlines! It’s so obvious why I read 95% of Copyblogger’s posts. It’s because the headlines are so enticing. The content of course is interesting as well, but I’d subscribe to his list just to see how he constantly does his blog headlines.

4. Cybercashology

Something I find interesting is Robert Phillips has the highest rate at which I read his blog specials. When he runs a 24 hour special or weekend special, I seem more likely to read his than anyone else. Why is this? I think it’s because they’re such good deals.

5. Aaron Brandon

Good content with short posts. Yes, I’m much more likely to read shorts posts as long as they don’t require me to click a link to get full info. As a sidenote to the entire process, I also unsubscribed from several blogs this week simply because they published partial feeds…meaning I had to click a link to get the full post. Forget it. Not happening.

6. DoshDosh

Some of his posts are extremely good. For example, check out this one Stumbleupon. Other posts seem to be a little long and I don’t end up reading them all, but DoshDosh is consistently in my 10 of readership.

7. Lee McIntyre

He is a newer internet marketer and a very good teacher (makes sense since he was a former teacher that he probably likes to teach). I guess I would say his only weakness is he is a little hypey at times.

8. Michel Fortin

Michel Fortin is an excellent copywriter. Check out his article on how to generate excellent fees as a copywriter.

9. Ryan Healy

Ryan Healy is another great copywriter. Wow…notice a trend here about how many of the blogs I read are by copywriters? His old blog can be seen here, but he just moved over to this new one (so the stats are based off his old blog).

10. James Brausch

If I tracked this by the number of posts I read, James would have gotten the number #1 slot. Google trends lists that James wrote 2.6 posts PER DAY over the past 30 days. I think his posts with the title “Check This Out” dropped his percentage read for me as I quit reading those (they required you to click on another link to see the full information).

Other Blogs

There are a lot of other blogs I love to read, but every single one of them had below a 50% readership rate over the past 30 days. This is including blogs like Shoemoney, John Chow, Problogger, etc.

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